Brutal Leaked Internal Polling for Biden Shows Just How Badly the Debate Damaged Him

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Right now the Democrats are in a panic about Joe Biden and whether they should make him step aside. Unfortunately, whatever they do, he's still occupying the office and that's a dangerous thing. Democrats are responsible for putting us all in this situation, along with the media that refused to be honest about Biden's condition. 


One of the reasons they are freaking out so much is how brutal the internal polling is. The post-debate public polls have been bad, but this is even worse, with him sliding not only in every battleground state but states that aren't even supposed to be battlegrounds now going toward former President Donald Trump. 

According to Matt Vespa at our sister site, Townhall: 

OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit polling and messaging firm, drafted a memo on the fallout for Biden post-debate. As you expect, it was downright brutal, with the president suffering a massive slide in every key battleground state. Forty percent of his 2020 supporters think he should drop out, according to Puck News. The leaked memo also included a survey, which the outlet noted rightly probably irritated the Biden team, polled how replacement Democratic candidates would do in the battleground states—they all did better:

Biden slid in every battleground state by more than a point, and in some by more than two points. 


Then check out Trump's lead, even in places like New Hampshire, Virginia, and now, even New Mexico. This is wild. 

North Carolina-  Trump +11

Georgia -  Trump +10%

Arizona -  Trump +10

Nevada -  Trump +9

Pennsylvania -  Trump +7

Michigan -  Trump +7

Wisconsin -  Trump +4

New Hampshire -  Trump +3

Virginia -  Trump +0.6

New Mexico -  Trump +0.5%

The numbers above on the possible replacements -- Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Gretchen Whitmer, and Gavin Newsom -- could be used to support the call to replace Biden since they all do better in the poll than he does in the swing states. 

But once they go that route they open themselves up to all kinds of problems if they don't go with Kamala. One of their potential outs is to try to draft Michelle Obama, as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thinks will happen, but she has said she doesn't want to do it. And now Democrats and donors are upset that they're getting excuses and deflections rather than straight answers from Biden, the White House, and the campaign. Even Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC)  -- the guy who ensured Joe the nomination back in 2020 -- is making sounds like he may be ready to have that talk with Joe. 



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