MSNBC's Twisted Take on 'Illegal Alien' Killings Goes Viral - Even Elon Musk Weighs In

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MSNBC had a very enlightening panel discussion about the recent killings in the news, allegedly by illegal aliens. Those killings included 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. When I say "enlightening," it was a look into the twisted thinking of liberals when it comes to the subject. 


Now, the first thought that most Americans would have would be: How can we prevent that from happening to another poor child? But just listen to the discussion here from MSNBC cohost Symone Sanders, former RNC Chair cohost Michael Steele, and Heritage Foundation's Kevin Roberts. Roberts brought up the issue. 

Michael Steele responds, starting to ask about what is the "difference between an illegal immigrant"  versus "anyone else who commits the same crime." 

But before Steele could even get out that full sentence, Sanders interrupted him to say that they don't like the term "illegal" on their network, that he should be saying "undocumented." Steele immediately agrees. Roberts says, "That's sweet, they're illegal aliens." 

How is that what Sanders is thinking about? How twisted is that? And then they wonder why they're losing the American public. The term "illegal" is the real thing they find outrageous here? How about being outraged about the killings, allegedly by the illegal aliens? 


They're trying to change the language to make illegally entering the country sound like it's just folks who lost their papers, as opposed to breaking the law. Changing the language to change the thought about it being wrong. But they're not "undocumented," and the legal term is "illegal alien." They're also not "immigrants" which implies someone who has gone through the immigration process. They have not. MSNBC is trying to make their extremism "normal." But it is not. 

Then, on top of that is Steele's question. How do you have someone even ask that question when the answer is obvious? 

If you don't have the criminal enter illegally, you don't have that person committing crimes here. Yes, we have home-grown criminals, unfortunately. But they're here legally. Why would you not want to secure the border and vet people to make sure that you're not bringing more criminals in? But instead, because of Biden, we have a massive influx of everyone. What a bizarre argument — because there are American criminals, we should have no problem with illegal alien criminals coming in? 

White House's Shameful Statements on Alleged Illegal Alien Killings
of Rachel Morin and Jocelyn Nungaray

Meanwhile, the White House also gave the most shameful response to the killings of Jocelyn Nungaray and mother of five, Rachel Morin. It wasn't even officially from Biden personally, and it was like they were using a form and then just changing the names and a little bit of the text. They couldn't have done anything less.  


The twisted take went viral because people were not shy about flaming Sanders and MSDNC for this craziness. 




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