How Will They Explain This One? Biden Has More Difficulty, This Time Climbing Into an SUV

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The Biden team has been flipping out because videos have exposed Joe Biden's issues for the whole world when he was in France for D-Day, Italy for the G7, and Los Angeles for a Hollywood fundraiser. They then had their willing acolytes in the media push the fiction of "cheap fake" videos.  Of course, the problem with this is that the videos were real. They were not fake. 


This meme was a pretty accurate take on what they were trying to do here:

"Fake" to the Biden team and their media equals something that makes Biden look bad.

The problem they have is there are a ton of videos for the past three-and-a-half years, plus witness testimony. How are they going to argue that all away? It explains, however, why they are so desperate not to release the Hur video, which even a DOJ official in his affidavit said had indecipherable parts. It likely would add much more, in addition to the elderly man with the poor memory conclusion by the special counsel. 

What's worse for them is that the videos and the witness testimony are going to continue. And Biden isn't getting any better, he's continuing to deteriorate. He went to a fundraiser on Tuesday night in Virginia with Terry McAuliffe:

Biden had that pained/grimacing look again. 

Then late in the evening (far past Biden's normal bedtime), Biden left the fundraiser with Jill leading the way, holding him by the hand, heading out to their home in Rehoboth Beach for yet more vacation. 


They looked pretty slow, and you can see the Secret Service guy following closely behind them. 

But then, he seemed to have real difficulty getting into his SUV. Jill walks ahead of him and leaves him to get in himself. Check out the look on his face as he does that walk; he's got that vacant look going on again. But then he tries to get in, and has trouble. It looks like there was a lower step there that he didn't use: 

The Secret Service agent is watching closely, and he even starts to put his arm out, perhaps to help Joe in, but then the clip stops. 

How are they going to explain this one? Are they going to pull out "cheap fakes" again for not wanting the American people to know the truth? Is White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre going to weigh in on this one? The American people will see it, the Biden team can't hide it or spin it away. It's just going to get worse, and they're going to get more desperate in their responses.  


After Rehoboth Beach, Biden will be doing debate prep at Camp David. You have to know they're doing all they can, but it's likely to be a mess. The only hope he has is that the liberal media will spin whatever happens into a win for him, no matter what. But that won' change all his issues and his bad policies. 


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