Libertarian Chair Just Levels Biden Team After Their Hot Take About Rowdy Reaction to Trump Speech

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As RedState reported, former President Donald Trump went to the Libertarian National Convention to extend a hand and reach out for their vote. 

There were some folks in the crowd who were not happy with him being there. He got a mixed reaction, including boos from folks who, it seemed, were angry that he was invited at all. But he also received some cheers during the speech and there were supporters in the audience. If you think about it, it was pretty brave to go into the house of another party and ask for their vote. Considering the circumstances and how rowdy the audience was, he did a great job of making the case for why you should vote for him if you truly believe in freedom. He listed what he had done to advance various freedoms that libertarians should care about, muting some of the dissent, and he was cheered over things like speaking against vaccine mandates and waging regime change around the world. And he laid out a little reality — that they should vote for him if they didn't want Joe Biden and didn't want to waste a vote. 


Both Joe Biden and Trump were invited, but it was Trump who accepted, in a historic move.

“For the first time ever, a former president addressed the Libertarian Party. It was a rowdy crowd but we’re grateful for Pres. Trump’s time, and excited to make history,” said Libertarian national committee chair Angela McArdle after the speech in a statement.


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But it definitely got wild in the audience even as Trump was speaking. This person, who reportedly had an anti-Trump sign, was removed by security. It wasn't clear exactly what the person did. 

Then there was another anti-Trump person who seemed to be all hyped up. Security seemed to be trying to get him down off of whatever he was standing on. He then got into a shouting match with what looked like a Trump supporter. Then things went south, and there was a scuffle. 


Probably not the best reaction to have if the former president is gracious enough to accept the invitation and show up. It brought more attention to their convention and to their issues. That would have been the time to say, "Thank you for accepting the invite." McArdle did, but part of the problem was the internal factions in the audience over the invites. 

One wonders if a president would do that again, given the mixed and rowdy nature of the reception. 

But perhaps the best capper for the event was the reaction from McArdle after the Biden-Harris HQ account — which is the campaign's official rapid response account — tried to mock Trump and the reception he got. McArdle just leveled them. 

"You didn't even show up. You have zero credibility," she chastised them. 

Exactly. Trump made an effort, and you guys couldn't even be bothered. 



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