Voters at Massive Bronx Rally Have a Message for AOC As Even Dems Come Out for Trump

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Former President Donald Trump definitely lit things up in a way that people didn't expect with his rally in the South Bronx on Thursday. 

The number of people who turned out far exceeded the anticipated 3500, with long lines and people there hours in advance, even in heavy rain. 


Perhaps one guy captured it best at how much they appreciated the visit and maybe finally being seen. 

He said that while he thought presidents had come to the Bronx before, they've never come to the "hood hood" like Trump did, and that he respected that. It's a sign that Trump was reaching out, and they were grateful. 

Many didn't appreciate the attitude of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who had wished the rally would be messed up by rain, tweeting "God is Good" over that possibility. 


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So, folks who said they were from the Bronx had a message for her and that they were there for Trump, even including a Democrat. 


He wasn't the only one. Here's another one saying he'd been a Democrat all his life and he was 60 years old, but Trump just "has the right answers." 

Perhaps the most well-known Democrat there was Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. Diaz was a state senator and he previously served on the NY City Council for the 18th District. He is also a minister and the president of the NY Hispanic Clergy Association. First, he had a response to AOC, saying she had become a "false prophet" with her prediction about the rain. 

Then, he said that if you took her measure of the weather, then it looked like even God wanted Trump there. 

"As a minister, President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Association, I want to tell AOC..." (loud boos) "...this morning, she intended to become a prophet. And she said, 'Even God doesn't want Trump in the Bronx because it's going to rain.' Madame Prophet AOC, you have become a false prophet. Look, look at what a beautiful day. That means that not only you guys want Trump in the Bronx —because if we're going to measure it up with the weather, then I would say, humbly, that even God wants you in the Bronx. 

"And I want to close by saying, Mr. President  I want to join you in having the Bronx GREAT AGAIN! Please accept this Democrat — this Black Puerto Rican, with kinky hair and broken English — please accept my endorsement for YOU as the PRESIDENT!"


Even Trump was touched by that, I think, as the crowd broke out into a chant of "USA! USA!." 


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