Here's the Behind the Scenes Dish on How Biden Might Get Out of Debates

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Cindy Adams is the gossip diva for the New York Post. 

She's picked up some intriguing information about the two debates that both Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have agreed to. Biden set all kinds of conditions on the debates to try to help himself, including having no live audience, cutting off the mics if it wasn't your turn to speak and not having Robert F. Kennedy Jr. involved. 


The first one is with CNN on June 27. But Adams is dishing, "I’m filled with messages about a maybe floppola failure" and "Mouths kvetch that the debate won’t debate." 

Adams points to Trump's hush money trial and says, "Joe’s counting on cancellation if Trump’s found guilty. Reading from the prompter he’ll say he can’t debate a felon. Slick shtick to reverse his sick poll numbers."

Now, there's no real case in the Trump hush money trial. It's imploded in so many ways. It never should have been pursued. Even if Trump should win legally, whether he will is a big question, given it's a Manhattan jury. But Joe may not get the conviction for which he's hoping. 

Then what? 

He'd have to come up with another excuse. Given what we saw on Monday with Biden's Jewish American Heritage Month remarks, he's never going to make it through a debate, he can't even read teleprompters anymore without trouble. Even if he gets the answers in advance, how's he going to remember them? 


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According to Adams, her CNN sources are telling her both sides are having second, third, and fourth thoughts about agreeing to the rules Biden put out there. 

Biden needs an early debate to jump-start his campaign and energize his base but frets this is too early and may have no real impact because it will get forgotten.

Meanwhile, Trump has already expressed concerns about Joe being juiced; he's saying he would be asking for a drug-testing requirement. Adams said she thinks he also wants a "no earpiece" requirement "so that Jill — sitting with her colorist — can dictate answers that have nothing to do with her bleach." That's typical Adams snark, but it's a measure of the control most people think Jill tries to exert. 

Now, as with anything involving CNN, I will caution "CNN sources," but all of this sounds pretty logical under the circumstances. I can definitely see Joe Biden pulling such a skeezy play if there is a conviction. I'm frankly surprised he didn't use the excuse that somehow Trump is "evil," so he doesn't deserve a debate from the beginning. But I think he's desperate to move the needle in the polls. But it only moves the needle if he does well. While expectations are going to start low, and media will try to declare him the winner even if he gaffes his head off, I don't see him doing well even if they give him the answers.  


Adams teased one further thing, still thinking along the "Michelle Obama" line. She had previously reported on a plan afoot to possibly sub in Michelle Obama. Now in this article, she does make another reference. 

But attention please: Anyone note Obama’s at the White House more often since Joe’s numbers declined?

And anyone think Michelle’s last name is enough to sit her behind in the Oval Office?!

But if that's the play, their time is running out. 


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