Biden's Back on Vacation and the Confusion Looks Very Bad

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If you wondered what Joe Biden would be doing after doing no work for two weeks before giving an angry speech about his opponent, read on. I bet you can guess what he’s doing as of today.


A couple of days ago, I wrote about how Joe Biden hadn't had anything that even resembled work on his schedule in about two weeks, that he spent most of that time on vacation at either Camp David or in St. Croix. That was consistent with his whole time in office where he's spent almost 40 percent of his time on vacation. 

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But I did note that he would  have one thing on his schedule for Jan. 5 -- trying to deflect from his failures by talking about the Jan. 6 riot of three years ago, bashing his opponent former President Donald Trump, and demonizing "MAGA" Americans. It was hilariously presumptuous as he appeared to try to compare himself to George Washington and braving the winter at Valley Forge, which he visited before the speech. 

Biden Delivers Angry Attack on Trump and Jan. 6 in Valley Forge Speech, but Trips Over Reality

Biden's Funny and Insulting Attempt to Compare Himself to George Washington

What was also hysterical was that he had planned to give the speech on Saturday, Jan. 6. But he shifted it back to Jan. 5 -- because of anticipated bad weather. Some "George Washington."  


That pretty much said it all about the false comparison he was making. But I did note all the other problems with it in those previous pieces - not the least of which was Biden's aversion to the truth. 

But then, after he finished his speech, after he shouted, "I understand POWER!" and his wife had to escort him from the stage, he was off for yet more vacation. 

He flew to Delaware for the weekend and the confusion on display looked very bad. 

He seemed to be desperately looking for something or someone, or not sure where he was. And Jill just leaves despite his confusion. So much for being a handler there. 


It's left to a member of the military there to escort him, as Biden continues to look around.  You can see how at about 24 seconds in, the man stares with some concern at Biden, then points him in the right direction toward the car. Then Biden shuffles forward toward the car. 

Paul Bedard, who had covered Washington for a long time, said he'd never seen interactions like this before. 

This is troubling stuff, and they want to foist this guy on us again. 


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