Priceless: The Many Faces of Antony Blinken

Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool

What must it be like to work for Joe Biden and to try to cover for all his many gaffes? 

It must be a tough job to be Secretary of State for the guy who has been wrong about everything when it comes to foreign policy for about fifty years. But now it must be even worse with Biden's deep mental deterioration and having to watch what he says virtually every minute. 


For example, Blinken has been working for most of the year on trying to better relations with China. They finally arranged a meeting between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. As we reported, then Joe Biden said about Xi when asked if he was a dictator, "Well, look, he is. I mean, he's a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country, that is a communist country that is based on a form of government different than ours."  

Blinken's face was something to behold as Biden said "Dictator." 

That was the "there goes all my work to get us back talking and you blew everything again" look. And the angry eyes at the end. Think those are directed at Biden? He's probably thinking "Now, how am I supposed to smooth this one over?" 

The video went viral and has gotten over 11.4 million views. 

The New York Post's Miranda Devine raised the point that perhaps that look was purposeful, so he doesn't get blamed for the nonsense that rolls out of Biden's mouth.


That's an interesting point. Perhaps. I think it's fair to say he looked like he was in pain in other videos during the meetings with the Chinese. 

Biden seems to be completely befuddled -- or compromised -- when it comes to dealing with China. He's constantly saying we don't want to decouple and we don't seek conflict, even as they spy on us and assist other nations against us, and threaten our allies like Taiwan. Joe is always talking about what a buddy he is to Xi. Now he might be at least helped by a strong, competent Secretary of State. But that isn't Blinken and that's why we have the continuing mess that we have now in foreign policy. 

Here Biden mocks the American press corp to Xi Jinping. Blinken looks like he'd like to be anywhere else but there. 

How embarrassing is this? How vile to joke about shutting down the press, and as a joke with a Communist dictator. And how many times are things like this happening that we don't happen to catch on video? 

Then there's this one where he looks like he's in pain, close to tears, or terrified. What the heck was going on here? Is he worried about what Biden is going to say next? 


Ordinarily, I might feel sorry for anyone who has to face such a challenging task with such an addled boss. But they chose to be there and they're covering up his problems. That is putting the country in danger for the sake of their positions and the power of the Democratic Party. So no, I don't feel sorry for him or the others. 

Blinken's book in about 5 years could be lit on what he reveals. Unfortunately, then it will be too late, to stop the bad things that have happened and are to come. He should be spilling it all now and thinking about the country first.



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