HOT TAKES on Fetterman — and What the Heck Is That Mask He's Carrying?

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

We've reported how Democrats seem to have thrown the rules of decorum out the window by changing the dress code to accommodate Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) who can't seem to be bothered to put on pants or wear a suit


Fetterman is supposed to be serving the American people, but he can't even be bothered to show respect. It's not just a Senate rule; all over the world, people wear business attire when they are serving in government positions. But somehow, Fetterman and the Democrats don't agree. And the reason is simple: because they don't view it as serving the American people or doing something serious; they view it as holding onto control. 

So, it's all about them and what they want. They don't think they have to adhere to any rules unless the rules help them. That's why they want the staff and the little people to still adhere to the rules. 

Fetterman presided over the Senate on Wednesday in a brown short-sleeved shirt and shorts, as we reported. 

But turns out he was also carrying a mask, which you can see here in this picture.  

Not only is he tossing decorum and the dress code under the bus, but he's adding more weirdness into the equation. Can we expect people to be wearing masks and costumes in the Senate, now that there are no rules and anyone can wear anything? That's where the Democrats have taken us. 


Turns out that the mask he's carrying supposedly has the face of the other senator from Pennsylvania, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), on it. It's unclear why. But you can see him holding it here last week, when he was asked about the impeachment inquiry. 

Is this guy truly mentally up to this job, when he does things like this?

Notice also his phone and the huge font on it. That's supposed to be the translating device, so he can understand what's being said to him.

People had thoughts about all this. 

Indeed. He isn't blue-collar. He's a caricature of "blue-collar" -- and that's insulting. Blue-collar guys know how to dress up when they have to. 


I'm with John Bind here, except that I think they should wear "Let's go, Brandon" t-shirts. Then suddenly, you might see a shift back to the old rules. 


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