NEW: Fetterman Doubles Down With Yet Another Vile Comment About a Different Member of Congress

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I don't know what handler has failed in their duty to keep Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) in check lately. But letting him up out of the basement probably has not been a good idea over the past few days. He's revealing that he has a lot of issues, and I'm not talking about the stroke. 


First, he made bizarre remarks about the impeachment inquiry, as his handler was trying to pull him away from reporters. 

Then Fetterman tried to attack Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she criticized the Senate Democrats for dropping the dress code. Many, including her, blamed the "lowering of the bar" on Fetterman and his wearing of hoodies and gym shorts. As we reported, he spoke about the lower chamber living by displaying "ding-a-ling" pics -- a shot at Greene for displaying pictures of Hunter Biden in the House chamber. Greene was talking about possible legal violations and the Biden scandal. So not only did Fetterman look ridiculous with such a term, but he raised the issue of the Biden scandal again — not the clapback he thought. He also repeated the same term during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes. 

Then Fetterman went after the Republicans with a vile comment on the funding battle going on in the House. 

"The House, the whatever they call themselves Team America or whatever they call themselves, bring your vote otherwise they need to go hump a different leg," Fetterman said to MSNBC's Chris Hayes who was left speechless for a moment and then tried to deflect to a different subject. 

But that wasn't enough for Fetterman. He's still going. Except now he's moved on to insulting yet another member of Congress.

Here's his latest slimy effort. 

"I figure if I take up vaping and grabbing the hog during a live musical, they'll make me a folk hero," Fetterman said. 

Now, I don't know of anyone on the right who's talked about the situation he's referencing who thought it made anyone a "folk hero." Indeed, the member of Congress apologized for the behavior. But Fetterman thinks talking about it in vile terms makes him sound like he's the better person. Think again. It just makes him look disgusting, as though he has no filter, and as though he's acting like a nasty child. 

It is indeed "lowering the bar" when he uses such coarse terms and throws all decorum out the window when dealing with a Congressional colleague. It's not just his clothing that's unprofessional. 

Unfortunately, just like with Joe Biden, we seem to have another person who can keep going lower. 



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