Watch the WH 'Talking Points' Go Out on Impeachment Inquiry and Be Parroted by Media in Real Time

Nhac Nguyen/Pool Photo via AP

I reported earlier on the "talking points" memo that the White House was sending out to the media to demand "scrutiny" of the impeachment inquiry in their reporting. It was an astonishing letter complaining about the Republicans and saying they were spreading disinformation while the letter itself spread a big point of information saying that the GOP had shown "no link" to Joe Biden. 


Yes -- if you dismiss the phone calls, emails, texts, and witness evidence. Then, sure. They're demanding that the media go along with the propaganda that they want to push, 

So the letter just went out and let's check out how it's doing in real time. 

Here's Politico's Heidi Pryzbyla regurgitating the letter in an X thread doing exactly what the White House told the media to do. You can check out the whole thread here. She terms it a "memo to media leaders." Even that terming is odd. What is this "media leaders" term? Media are supposed to be journalists, looking into the facts, they're not supposed to be "leading" anything. But the White House wants the media to "lead" with their "talking points."

Pryzbyla quotes the White House's line that "Impeachment is grave, rare, and historic. The Constitution requires 'treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,'" and the claim that House Republicans are "stating they have uncovered none of these things." 


Of course, that's not what the House Republicans like Rep. James Comer, the Chair of the House Oversight Committee have been saying. 

But Pryzbyla doesn't mention that or any of the other evidence that exists. 

Instead of citing what any of the Republicans who have been looking into this or any of the media who have been reporting on this for years (like us), Pryzbyla cited a Time article that claimed, “In every single case, there was very significant evidence of presidential wrongdoing before the formal inquiry was begun.” 

“The House, and House leadership, took the responsibility of formally opening such an inquiry extremely seriously," it claimed.

Seriously? Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump for impeachment for asking about Joe Biden's alleged corruption. The call is bad, but the alleged corruption by Joe Biden is just cool? 

It wasn't astonishing to discover they were getting their marching orders. At this point, one would think they would barely need them. Most media just parrots whatever the Democratic narrative is anyway. But this was certainly instructive as to the depth and the arrogance of the White House. The real scrutiny that's needed is that the liberal media hasn't bothered to truly look into any of these things that have been out there to be found for years.



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