We're at the Apocalypse: Even David Hogg Said Something Right About NM Gov's Gun Order

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I'm not sure what New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham thought she was doing with her anti-gun executive order. The order effectively banned carrying guns for 30 days in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County, using the excuse of a public health emergency in a blatantly unconstitutional move. 


She probably thought that she would get votes with this, showing that she was "doing something" to deal with "gun violence." As she admitted in her press conference on the matter, she didn't even think this would stop criminals from committing gun crimes; it was about sending a "message," she said. 

But if it isn't about stopping the criminals, what kind of a message do you think you are sending? The message that people are receiving is that you want to trample on the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of your state.

This immediately had gun advocates blasting her. There are now Republicans in New Mexico calling for impeachment for violating her oath to uphold the Constitution. 

As I reported, she's even lost people like rabid Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), who said no state can "suspend the federal Constitution." That's how you knew that hell was freezing over, and she'd truly jumped the shark with this wild move. 


But it got worse. We may be bordering on the Apocalypse when even David Hogg, the guy whose whole existence is built on bad gun control takes, came out against Lujan Grisham's move. 

Imagine having to say that Hogg is right. It's so crazy, we're at that point. That's how you know Lujan Grisham has gone too far. Has he ever been right on anything? 

But what's with these guys saying the right thing in similar language? Did they get a common memo? I welcome this take, but question what's going on here when they have been anything but reasonable in the past. Do they realize this applies to COVID as well? Are they trying to save the Democrats in the election by appearing reasonable because Lujan Grisham's radical position is going to be so harmful? Maybe. 

But it's a little late to try to back away from it now. 

Lujan Grisham's position is going to hurt the Democrats because it affirms everything that people have always said about Democrats being gun grabbers and wanting to take away your rights. Lujan Grisham admitted she was trampling on people's rights on video. Her excuse was that "public health" (translation: her political position) demanded it -- that she needed to do it to stop "gun violence." That's not going to go over well when it comes to the election, and Republicans can point to this. 


The Internet was admittedly bowled over by Hogg going wild. 


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