Neo-Nazis Blow up That False Dem Narrative When They Announce They Support Biden

Neo Nazis in Altamonte Springs, Florida. (Credit: Rep. Anna Eskamani)

We often hear Democrats try to smear Republicans as "Nazis," even though the core principle of Republicanism -- at least as I see it -- is individual rights, the value of the individual. That's not exactly a Nazi value. Indeed, in addition to being horrible human beings, Nazis were socialists, it's in the name ("National Socialism"), something the left likes to conveniently forget and argue away. 


However, on Saturday, there was a march of Neo-Nazi groups in Altamonte Springs, Florida. They called it a "Red Shirts" rally. Rep. Anna Eskamani (D-FL) posted a video of the march where participants chanted, "We are everywhere!" She, of course, called them "far-right." 

Independent media then interviewed the groups of Neo-Nazis at an overpass where the assembled characters were shouting out nasty anti-semitic things at people. There were about 100 people assembled, a few of them unmasked. One of the groups was called the "Blood Tribe," and it was led by a guy named Christopher Pohlhaus, who spoke to the media. He was wearing a necklace with a big metal swastika on it. 

But what Pohlhaus had to say blows up that narrative that Democrats like to push about Neo-Nazis. You can see the video here. Pohlhaus railed about "capitalism" and "billionaires" in addition to attacking Jews with some pretty disgusting language. That sure sounds a lot like leftists to me when they attack capitalism. Pohlhaus was then asked about the presidential race and if he was going to vote in 2024; what did he think was going to happen? Pohlhaus responded, "My vote is useless. I think Biden is better than Trump because he sends rockets to Ukraine." He then said, "Hail Ukraine! Hail Azov [the Azov battalion]!" The guy behind him yelled, "Slava Ukraini [Glory to Ukraine!]!"


Another part of the assembly also said that they were not supportive of Trump or the right wing and then used an anti-semitic slur. One of the men joked, "We're all Ron DeSantis supporters." He then laughed and said, "F**k Ron DeSantis," but I already see Democrats spreading the first part without the second, which shows he was joking. 

Point being? These folks are not part of the right, and conservatives reject them. It's pretty ironic that Democrats try to tag the right with these characters, but then their leader says he supports Biden. Do these Neo-Nazis truly support the president? Who knows? This guy says it, but then he grins. They tend to troll a lot, but they certainly seem to be on the same page as Biden when it comes to support for Ukraine. The left will simply ignore this part about them saying they support Biden and will continue to try to connect them to people on the right who reject them. 

Some speculated that they might be "feds," as some have opined about the Patriot Front group. More of these characters do seem to come out when suddenly an election is on the horizon and division is needed. But this group went full-on into the anti-semitic hate and wasn't shy about it. In the meantime, Pohlhaus is reportedly trying to set up an enclave for their group in Maine. 



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