Evidence Is Getting Tighter: House GOP Lay Out 'Special Privileges' Hunter Biden Got from DOJ

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As more and more comes out, the walls close in more around Joe Biden in the Biden family business scandal. 

Now, the House Oversight Committee posted a letter on X they sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland that is signed by the Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith, and Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY). The letter lays out the "special privileges" that they say Hunter Biden received from U.S. Attorney David Weiss, now the Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden probe. 


They laid out the following points: 

 The DOJ tipping off Hunter Biden’s counsel 

Allowing the statute of limitations to lapse on tax charges

Suggestions to remove Hunter Biden’s name from documents, including subpoenas

Prohibiting IRS and FBI investigators from asking about or referring to “the big guy” or “dad” in witness interviews

As we previously reported, the IRS investigators were prevented from not only interviewing any Biden family members but also any lead about "big guy" Joe Biden. So how do you properly pursue a case like that?

The GOP chairs asked why anyone would believe that anything would change under Weiss at this point.

They also listed other deviations from standard practice in the full letter here, including things like refusing investigators' requests to follow up on incriminating WhatAPP message between Hunter Biden and representatives of a Chinese corporation. 


The GOP Chairs ripped the unprecedented plea deal that fell apart that the DOJ had been willing to offer Hunter Biden and they blasted Garland for making the same guy the Special Counsel. 

Now you have appointed as special counsel an individual who oversaw all the investigation’s irregularities, who spent the past two months claiming that he did not need special counsel status, and who was responsible for the plea agreement that collapsed in court and is widely viewed as an embarrassment for the Department.

They said they couldn't square Garland's prior statements that Weiss already had ultimate authority with the appointment as Special Counsel, and Garland wouldn't explain, apart from saying "extraordinary circumstances" require it. They also pointed out a Special Counsel is supposed to be impartial but that Weiss was already involved in the case. Plus he had been a friend of Beau Biden, Hunter's brother. 

 The letter demanded that Garland turn over any documents or communications related to Weiss' appointment as Special Counsel. 

The bottom line is this: We've seen that if you are former President Donald Trump, anything will be twisted into a "crime" to go after you. But if you are a Biden, you will get a pass no matter what you do, no matter how much evidence there is. That has to be stopped if we are ever to have trust in the equal application of the rule of law again. The weaponization has to be stopped, and the only way that happens is, well, by stopping it. 


Take action to cut funding if they try to get around you. But we have to win and all this has to be stopped, or it will only get much worse. 

The evidence is there. Act on it.


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