Comedy Gold: 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Respond to Oliver Anthony With New Parody of His Song

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Oliver Anthony's song "Rich Men North of Richmond" went viral and is now number one on the Billboard music charts. 

It was an anthem for the troubles of the common man, with a searing anti-politician message for those "rich men North of Richmond" (Washington, D.C.) who don't seem to care much about anything other than their control over the country.


As I wrote earlier, Anthony spoke about the usage of his song during the Republican presidential debate and said it was corporate politicians on the stage during the debate whom he was talking about in his song. He later expanded on that to make clear that he was talking about the corporate politicians in either party, and that he was speaking out collectively against the system that isn't listening to the people. 

There have been a lot of reactions to the song and a variety of remixes. But perhaps one of the funniest is a parody from Remy. Remy's done a lot of great parody videos in the past. This one hits on all cylinders, both with humor and truth, as Remy portrays the "Rich Men North of Richmond" and deals with their "plight." 

"Dear Oliver Anthony," they write "It's hard for us, too," they want to let him know. 

They have a hard life, too, working to the break of 4:45 p.m. and not being able to be fired. How dare they have to wait until age 57 with an inflation-adjusted pension! "They want us back in the office on Mondays, too." That's a damn shame.

 "Not living in the real world is a lot harder than you'd know, sure I got dental but it's bad. I go mental cuz I had to fill out both of these forms," Remy sings. What a hard life. He even had to purchase his vacation rental in Ocean City rather than in Rehoboth Beach (near the Bidens). How can he cope with such a letdown? Such fortitude knows no bounds. 


Perhaps the quintessential description of the federal government and those guys "north of Richmond" -- "It takes one person to do my job, so we have two." 

"The plight of rich men north of Richmond" is truly harsh -- they have to be there on Tuesdays, too! For shame, they "just might collapse." 

The horror, they might have to be on camera. How do people not understand their struggle? 

"We're just like you," Remy concludes sorrowfully, after consuming his fudge rounds. 

They may not be quite like us, but Remy certainly does a good impression of the Washington class, showing that humor can make a point, too. We need to truly listen and understand. Can you feel their pain? 

People loved it, even politicians. 



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