Biden Arrives in Maui and the People Let Him Have It, Big Time

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden has finally shown up in Maui almost two weeks after the fire that hit the area, after multiple refusals to comment about the disaster, and after two vacations in the meantime including Rehoboth Beach and Lake Tahoe. 


Biden showed even with the trip to Lake Tahoe what his priorities were, and they don't seem to be the people of Maui. He's been in Tahoe since Friday and is only taking a few hours in Hawaii basically because he was shamed into it after his horrible response of "No comment" on his Rehoboth Beach vacation last Sunday, when he smirked when asked about the death toll. Then Biden is heading back to the rest of his vacation at billionaire Tom Steyer's $18 million lakefront estate. Biden's reaction truly tells you what his priorities are. 

It wasn't just Biden's callous response that was the problem. As we've previously reported, a lot of the citizens were asking where was FEMA — where was the federal government in response to this. The White House and the FEMA Director got grilled on this by reporters last week, and FEMA Director Deanne Criswell's response was that they had been there since day one and the citizens had gone through a "trauma." She almost seemed to be suggesting that the citizens didn't know what they were talking about in saying they weren't getting answers. But that was repeated over and over again in multiple reports. So it wasn't the citizens with the issue, it was the federal government. Many people didn't even want him to come and were upset at how he and the government had handled things thus far. 


But White House spokesperson Olivia Dalton said on Monday that Biden intended to tell the citizens he meets with while he is there that he and the federal government have been there since day one. That's truly just rubbing salt in the wound when they know that isn't true; it's trying to rewrite history on the back of the disaster that has brought them so much suffering.

So when Biden finally showed up on Monday, people were lined along the roads with signs to greet him, and let him know exactly what they thought of him. 

People were out in force protesting, some who had been there for hours, with cardboard signs saying, "He's too late," "he should've been here much earlier," and "actions speak louder than words." And even then, it's only because he was basically shamed into it that he's there. 

Biden is kept so in his bubble, he's finally getting to see people protesting his shameful behavior and letting him know exactly what they think about him. He's going to meet with victims and first responders. I expect his people to try to have that be private, but I have to imagine there might be a few words said to him there as well. 


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