More Video from 'Plane Lady' Who Warned About 'Unreal' Guy - She's Now Speaking Out

You may recall the viral story of the lady on the plane who warned about the “m**her f**ker” who she said was “not real.”



But the story took a turn that it shouldn’t have with the media doxing the woman, even posting where she lived, which was crazy.

Now there’s more video that was just released from that day, and the lady, marketing executive Tiffany Gomas, is now reportedly talking about it.

The additional video shows her speaking with the airline people when she was on the ground in the airport, having been taken off the plane. The officers are making her leave that side of the airport because she now no longer has a valid ticket. She’s imploring them not to let the plane leave and then telling them that the plane which is going from Dallas to Orlando is going to “blow up.”



“I don’t care if I never fly with y’all ever again. I just want to know what happens to this flight here,” she says. As they try to escort her out, she says, “Do not let that flight leave…That flight is not going to make it to Orlando. It’s not going to.” She then says there are “a lot of people on that flight.”

After Gomas was taken off the plane, all the passengers had to get off, and the plane was rescreened before they were let back on. The plane did make it, and it’s not clear why she thought what she did about the plane. She was not charged.


However, now Gomas has allegedly put out a video of her own, apologizing for her actions on that day.

“First and foremost, I want to take full accountability for my actions,” Gomas said. “They were completely unacceptable. Distressed or not … I should have been in control of my emotions. And that was not the case.”

She directed her apologies to the people on the plane – especially the families with children – and said that her use of profanity was “completely unnecessary.”

“We all have our bad moments, some far worse than others. And mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times,” she added as tears formed in her eyes.

Gomas said while some of the “memes” about her were funny, some things were “invasive and unkind.” She thanked her family for supporting her. She said that she hoped that she could “use this experience and do a little bit of good in the world, and that is what I intend to do.” Gomas concluded. “I hope that you guys can accept my apology and I can begin to move on with my life.”


Most people responded kindly toward her, which I think has to be a first for the internet. Some still wanted to know what it was that she thought she saw and what her concern was about the plane. Some also doubted that this was her since it was from a new account, and she looked different with a lot of makeup on. Multiple media outlets were reporting it. But that was a bit of a karmic circle, with some then wondering if she was the “real” plane lady.


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