'Crestfallen' Hunter Biden's Flight Back to California: Hypocrisy and the Big Problems He Faces

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

Earlier in the week, the sweetheart plea deal that Hunter Biden had worked out fell apart when the judge wouldn’t go along with it (you can read what I wrote about the plea agreement and diversionary agreement here). Given everything that’s been uncovered, including what the House Oversight Committee is looking into with all the suspicious activity reports, it was the deal of all time.


Now, Hunter’s former business partner is scheduled to give an interview to the Committee on Monday where he’s expected to lay out some of the connections to Joe Biden. Devon Archer, with his intimate understanding and closeness to Hunter, should know where “all the bodies are buried” in the matter – if he’s finally going to spill on them.

This did not make Hunter a happy camper, as CBS’ Catherine Herridge — who was sitting near him — explained.

Herridge said he became increasingly anxious and “somewhat agitated.” Herridge also reported on the problems the judge had with the plea agreement.

Hunter thought he was walking out the door with nothing. This was going to clear the decks for him and his father. Instead, he has to wonder if he might suffer consequences for his actions. And his father still has a very substantial problem on his hands with the scandal, now that everything is back on the table. The judge might go along with another plea deal when they revisit the question, but even if she did – and that’s a big question if she even would after it all this – it likely wouldn’t be as sweeping as the sweetheart deal he had originally carved out.


Instead of walking out triumphant to his six-car motorcade, the “private citizen,” which is what the White House likes to call him when they’re ducking questions about him, had to fly back to California on a private plane where he was described as “crestfallen.”

He was described as cutting a “dejected figure” as he arrived back in Los Angeles at the Van Nuys Airport on Friday, with cameras in tow.

As an airport worker retrieved Hunter’s bags, the first son was consoled on the tarmac by an unidentified friend sporting a Yankees cap and a mustard-colored sweater. A camera operator observed the scene a few feet away.

Although it is unclear why they were filming, the New York Times reported last year that Hunter’s lawyer and “sugar brother” Kevin Morris was funding a documentary project on Hunter’s “redemption story.”

Forgive me if I comment on the six-car motorcade to the courthouse and the private plane home and do not think Hunter is buying this whole climate emergency thing his dad is pushing. Once again, that’s a “rules for thee, but not for me” situation.

And such things don’t exactly square with the poor, private citizen schtick that he was selling to the court in his child settlement case and that the White House has been trying to sell the American people. Didn’t he just argue to have his daughter’s child support slashed based on his reduced income? How many “private citizens” have documentary filmmakers trying to remake their image? Who’s paying for the private jet if he’s “poor” and can’t do it?


Joe might want to check on the climate change beliefs of his son. Heck, he might want to look in the mirror, with his own 30+ motorcades when he travels.

Now, Hunter has to adhere to a lot of conditions for release that could be problematic (like not drinking or taking drugs). Plus, he’s supposed to continue to look for employment. Add that to all the legal things, and no wonder he’s not a happy camper.



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