CNN Takes Attack on 'Sound of Freedom' to Another Level

“Sound of Freedom” has been surprising the movie world this week, blowing away other movies at the box office, including things like the new Indiana Jones movie. But even though it’s based on a true story of a hero fighting child sex trafficking, the liberal media seems to be going out of its way to smear the movie and its star, actor Jim Caviezel, as “QAnon” related because it fights sex trafficking.


We saw this take from stories in the Guardian and Rolling Stone as well as other media outlets. In contrast, several outlets criticizing “Sound of Freedom” now defended the offensive movie “Cuties” that sexualized children.

But CNN took it even a step further during a discussion about the film between host Abby Phillip and Mike Rothschild, who has authored a book on QAnon. Phillip claimed that the movie and its star are “raising eyebrows among critics.” She said some think the movie “caters to QAnon conspiracy theorists,” although the distributor, Angel Studios, denies those accusations.

Then the pair attacked actor Jim Caviezel, saying he “embraced” QAnon terms and concepts.

They were forced to admit that sex trafficking was a real issue, but then they immediately attacked the movie over it, with Rothschild claiming the movie was “created out of moral panics.”

These films are created out of moral panics. They’re created out of bogus statistics. They’re created out of fear. And with something like Sound of Freedom, it specifically is looking at QAnon concepts of these child trafficking rings that are run by the high-level elites and only people like Tim Ballard and only people like Jim Caviezel, and by extension, only people like the ticket buyer can help bring these trafficking rings down. So, there’s a very participatory element. You’re not just going to see a movie, you’re just killing two hours on a hot day. You are helping bring down these pedophile rings and save children. Now, it’s not true, but it’s a very comforting and it’s a very warm feeling to have.


What a strange attack this is. Because QAnon is against child sex trafficking, that should make you not want to watch this movie? How dare you be concerned about child sex trafficking or simply like the movie? These characters want to paint people who view the movie as part of a “moral panic” or “bogus statistic.” And I don’t know about “moral panic” — I think most Americans take issue with child sex trafficking and would cheer the movie’s premise fighting it. So it seems to me the problem lies more with the people who are attacking it.

Maybe CNN should be checking its own house too?

As Variety’s Owen Gleiberman explained:

“You needn’t hold extreme beliefs to experience ‘Sound of Freedom’ as a compelling movie that shines an authentic light on one of the crucial criminal horrors of our time, one that Hollywood has mostly shied away from… A closing title states — accurately — that there are more people enslaved now, by sex trafficking, than there were when slavery was legal.”

They seem to want to attack it for political reasons, which downplays the real issue. What they should be doing is asking what they can be doing to help stop this horrible abuse. So one has to ask why?



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