WATCH: Climate Activists Get Forcibly Ejected From Granholm Event in Michigan

I don’t know what climate activists think they accomplish with some of their protests.

As I wrote about the folks that smeared red paint on a painting of Claude Monet last week, they tend to make more enemies with their wild cult-like actions. That kind of thing even tends to turn off liberals who they might hope to have on their side on the climate issue.


Now there’s a group that seems to stalk the events that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has. Let’s face it — Granholm and the Biden team have to be some of the most radical pro-climate change agenda people that we have ever had in office. Yet, still, that’s not enough for the Climate Defiance radicals that seem to follow her to protest. They want a ban on all fossil fuels. They don’t understand (or don’t care) what would happen if all fossil fuels suddenly disappeared and what devastation that would cause the world.

It’s ironic that they’re stalking her since liberals have done so much to whip up the climate hysteria to help their agenda. Now it’s coming back to bite them in the backside because they can’t immediately go as far as the radicals want them to go.

We’ve written about their protest of her last month when her security was pulling protesters off the stage by their feet as they rushed toward her at the Politico Energy Summit in Washington, D.C.

The same group targeted her again during a visit she made to Birmingham, Michigan, at the Detroit Free Press Breakfast Club event.

Videographer Brendan Gutenschwager captured the security forcibly dragging and ejecting several of the activists from the event as they ranted in fury at Granholm inside. The manufactured hysteria is something else.


They dragged/pushed this guy out by his ears.

“No MVP. No LNG. Granholm, you are killing me,” the protesters chanted at one point, a reference to Granholm’s support for the Mountain Valley Pipeline that is set to transport natural gas from West Virginia to southeastern states.

“Don’t let our futures burn,” the activists yelled moments later as two protesters were dragged from the event by three officers. [….]

“Something that I hate is when what people say doesn’t match what they do,” one of the protesters said. “That’s what Granholm’s doing. She’s saying she’s going to help the climate, she’s going to have all these innovative solutions. Then, she claims that somehow drilling for more fossil fuels will get us to renewable energy. That’s just not how it works.”

“Granholm has made her decision pretty clear. She has chosen the fossil fuel corporations and money over young people and over the people of Michigan. She has chosen money and destruction over land and water, over our lives,” another added. “She is not with Michiganders and she’s not with us.”


Do they get that since they live in Michigan, if they didn’t have fossil fuels, they would probably freeze to death?


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