WATCH: Climate Protest Against Sec. Granholm Gets Wild as Security Forcibly Removes Activists

Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

Joe Biden and his team have had a horrible energy policy from day one — demonizing fossil fuels and harming our independent energy supply with their bad decisions. They’ve done things like shut down the Keystone Pipeline and set up all kinds of barriers to domestic oil production. They’re also looking into all kinds of crazy ways to go after and controlhow we use our appliances. They’re even doing nutty things like proposing to convert all military vehicles to electric, an utterly insane thought to have, that would endanger our military readiness, if it were even possible to do.


So, you would think that the left would be happy that Biden and his team are so radically on board with them.

Except they’re not. Indeed, they think the Biden team needs to go much, much further—as some of them showed this week at the Politico Energy Summit in Washington, D.C.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was on stage at the event, when environmental activists connected with a group called “Climate Defiance” began rushing the stage. They were chanting, “No MVP, No LNG, Granholm you are killing me.”

MVP refers to the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a planned gas pipeline that would run between West Virginia and Virginia. LNG refers to liquid natural gas. Now, when you have a Cabinet member present at an event, the security isn’t going to take kindly to people rushing the stage. The security they had at the event was some kind of security—and it got wild. It did not end well for the activists, as it got very physical.


The activists individually rushed the stage, likely hoping if they had multiple independent efforts they could draw the security and someone might get on the stage. But the security was quick; they even pulled a couple of the people away from the stage by their feet, bodily picked them up and removed them. But there were several people involved, so it took several minutes to get the situation under control.

The event was livestreaming at the time, and they cut off the feed during all the ruckus, saying the “program will resume shortly.” It returned soon after things calmed down, and the people were removed a couple of minutes later.

It’s another instance of “left eating left.” The Democrats helped set these guys in motion with all the climate nonsense, and now they can’t keep them quiet, or in hand. Nothing could ever be enough for these people, until you completely comply with everything they want, even with Biden being as radical as he has been on the subject. Biden is constantly pushing the climate stuff, he even passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which is a Trojan Horse for climate action, and doesn’t do much of anything to reduce inflation.


But that kind of action has only emboldened the radicals. Biden has them thinking they can get even more, and they’ll keep pushing him to comply. All they have to do is scream a bit more; he’ll keep moving to placate them. It’s truly a vicious cycle that only hurts both our energy independence and our energy common sense.


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