Biden Makes the Saddest Admission at Summit, as 'Dog Faced Lyin' Pony Soldier' Rides Again

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Every day, we have to wonder what embarrassing thing Joe Biden might do, and that’s an extremely problematic thing to have in a person who’s allegedly the leader of the free world.


It just seems to keep getting worse all the time. As we noted, over the past few days, he’s said some pretty strange things. He said that they were planning “to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.” Then he got mad when a reporter asked him about the bribery form allegedly referring to him as the “big guy,” replying, “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?”

Then he invited Eva Longoria and others to the White House for a screening of the film, “Flamin’ Hot.” Longoria is the director of the film. That raised questions because Longoria is a longtime Democratic donor whose film Biden was bringing a lot of attention to at the White House. The film already had controversy because it focuses on a guy who claims to have invented the idea of the Flaming Hot Cheeto, but the company disputes that.

Because Biden had something of a Hispanic audience, he went full-on into pandering overdrive, claiming he was essentially every immigrant and “we weren’t welcome.” He also told a false story about the statistics of those who speak Spanish in the country. Then he made a creepy comment about knowing Longoria since she was “17 and I was 40.” It raised again the question of his issues with women/girls, plus it was just inaccurate too; the math didn’t add up. On top of that, some thought when he hugged her, that his hands were in the wrong place.


So, did things get any better on Friday? Unfortunately, no.

It seemed that things just got even weirder. He was speaking about guns at the National Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. Biden made false claims about guns. He also joked about being 103 years old, but it seemed like it was no laughing matter. He also said “God Save the Queen,” for no explainable reason. Not only isn’t that a thing that an American president should ever say, but the Queen is dead. So, the only thing you can conclude is he has no idea what is going on.

What he said further seemed to confirm that conclusion.

He said it took “courage to tell a story that you’ve been through,” then he repeated a story that has been debunked in the past about the number of times he’s been to Afghanistan and Iraq. But he tripped all over himself this time. Twenty, 30, 50 — it all seems the same to Joe.


But he wasn’t done with the weirdness yet. The “dog-faced lyin’ pony soldier” made a comeback!

He asked the audience about the weather, saying that he was going to come down off the stage and mingle but he heard the weather was going to be bad. People said that wasn’t the case. His response? “Don’t make me a dog-faced lyin’ pony soldier.”

He previously had used the term when he shouted down a 21-year-old student during the 2020 campaign, accusing her of lying to him—just one of the times he yelled at voters or called them names.

He claims it’s a line from a John Wayne movie, but that’s been debunked as well.

But perhaps the saddest admission from the event was when he said that his wife and his daughter communicated with him, and told him everything that needed to be said to him, by leaving notes on his mirror.


“The way everything gets to me through my wife and daughter now is they know I have to shave in the morning, so they’ll tape on the mirror. For real!”

That’s sad, because to me that says, once again, how far gone he is. It shows how much he needs to be told what to do — he doesn’t just have the notes from the staff, but he even has them from the wife and the daughter. In my opinion that means they know he’s just not holding onto things and needs constant reminders. It’s pretty sad then, that they would then put him up for 2024, when he just keeps getting worse every day.



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