Joe Biden Starts to Crack, Snaps at a Reporter for Asking Him About the 'Big Guy'

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Is the bribery scandal involving Joe Biden starting to get to him? He’s already made a series of questionable public remarks about the situation, including shouting “Where’s the money” at reporters during a recent presser.


On Thursday, Biden was again pressed by a reporter on the matter, this time from The New York Post asking why an FBI informant described the president as the “Big Guy.” As he’s been apt to do throughout his tenure, Biden got angry and snapped back, berating the person asking the question.

I suppose I owe everything the obligatory comparison to how this would be received if a Republican had said it. We are all old enough to remember when belittling and attacking the press was considered an attack on the very foundations of our democracy. It was even suggested during the Trump administration that anything but fawning respect for the press was a dangerous incitement of violence against journalists.

Yet, here’s Biden once again losing his cool on a reporter, and no one in the mainstream press cares. There will be no hand-wringing CNN segments in the aftermath. Certainly, the Post and Times will have nothing to say in their heralded pages. It’s just accepted because Biden is a Democrat and Democrats get to do whatever they want.

But I digress, Biden’s assertion that it’s a “dumb question” is obviously false. We now have multiple incidences from multiple sources of the President of the United States being described as a monetary beneficiary known as the “Big Guy.” To suggest, as he does, that it’s dumb to ask him why that is, is laughable. It’s perhaps the most prudent question surrounding the entire Biden administration right now.


Why did an email say Hunter Biden was holding money to give to the “Big Guy, and why did Hunter Biden then complain that his father was taking too much of his income? Why did the Burisma executive who was allegedly paying bribes to the Biden family describe the president as the “Big Guy” in correspondence four months before the email in question? These aren’t small, “dumb” questions. They are questions that go to the very core of the scandal surrounding Biden and the corruption surrounding his family.

So is Biden starting to crack? It sure seems like it. It’d be really easy for him to simply ignore reporters when they question him on the bribery scandal. Instead, he keeps giving these nervous, snarky answers. It comes across as a tell, and one that says the president is hiding something. Biden doth protest too much.



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