Clueless Hillary Insults Trump Supporters Again but Hilariously Steps in It Herself

Hillary Clinton on "Pod Save America," insulting Americans. Credit: Tom Elliott.

Hillary Clinton has done so many despicable things over the years including pushing the Russia collusion to smear Donald Trump and causing such division in the country. She was more interested in her power and winning than in what could happen to the country as a result. The failure to hold her accountable is one of those big, flashing signs of the uneven application of justice that has plagued this country.


However, with the indictment of former President Donald Trump, Clinton seemed to think that was the signal to crawl out of her hole. Not only did she attack Trump, but she attacked his supporters. Clinton, who stuck a fork in her campaign when she labeled millions of Americans “deplorable,” went there again, during an interview on “Pod Save America,” saying that she couldn’t believe that Americans would not abandon Trump. She suggested that millions of Americans had a “psychology” that she didn’t understand. You can say that again.

Clinton, speaking Tuesday, said that what Republicans “refuse to admit” is “this is on a track about him, not about anyone else, no matter how they try to confuse people and how much they try to raise extraneous issues.”

“And it’s going to be fascinating I guess, in a bizarre and sad way to watch them spin themselves up,” she said. “If you watched any of the news programs this weekend, their efforts to defend this man are truly beyond anything that I ever thought possible in our country.”

She also suggested that the indictment offered an opportunity for the Republican Party to make a break with Trump — who is leading 2024 Republican primary polling — but that they had not taken that opportunity.

“It is so profoundly disturbing how this could have been the break, this could have been the opportunity to say ‘thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us, we really appreciate it, but this is kind of serious and so we’re not going to continue to defend you,’” she said.

“But no, they’re all in again… the psychology of this is so hard for me to fully grasp,” she added.


Um, Hillary? Your team was behind the Steele Dossier. Your guys fed information to the FBI to target your political opponent. You created a whole private server that avoided normal government review. You deleted 30,000 emails; your team destroyed phones.

Not to mention, she didn’t have the power to determine classification, as a president would. I’m kind of thinking that she’s the last person who should be talking about this matter—or anyone else’s psychology.

CNN and former FBI official Andrew McCabe can try to spin on her behalf , as he and CNN did the other day, but it didn’t go well.

We are so fortunate that Hillary lost. Once again she has no understanding of Americans. Indeed, that failure to understand people is one of the reasons she lost.

But she wasn’t done there. She also had some comments about Joe Biden. Her comments about him are always funny, since they seem to be sort of left-handed compliments. “Biden is in a very strong position to run a campaign that doesn’t have to talk about him,” she said.

Superficially complimentary, but if you look at it a little deeper, why wouldn’t they want to talk about him, if he were that strong? It’s because they can’t put him out there without all the gaffes and problems coming out. Plus, his policies are awful and they don’t want to talk about them. Their whole campaign is going to be to hide him as much as they can while screaming, “MAGA, MEGA, MAGA,” turning to the east and clicking their heels, hoping Trump goes away.


But there was something that was quietly hilarious about the interview. I’m not sure if Hillary or the “Pod Save America” guy even got what it would look like to people. But see if you notice it when you listen to these two videos of her comments.

Notice the “Crooked” right over her head, like a label? Who thought of that genius move? That’s the nickname that Trump graced her with, too, so it adds another layer of humor to it all. Now, the reason is that “Pod Save America” is part of “Crooked Media” but the placement was certainly priceless.



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