Biden Gives Bizarre Response to Bribery Question, Staff Also Cuts His Livestream Link

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden delivered remarks at the Chiefs of Mission event in the White House on Tuesday. The Chiefs of Mission are the principal officers in charge of U.S. State Department diplomatic offices and missions from around the world. It was supposed to happen on Monday, but they had to postpone it because of Biden’s root canal on Monday. It did not go well.


Biden started with a comment about his administration that was finally something truthful.

“I look around this room and say, ‘What the hell happened to my administration?’ Why aren’t you here permanently in Washington? I need help!” Biden declared. That’s true right there, he certainly needs a lot of help. The best help would be to retire them in 2024.

I’m sure that jab must be welcome from the D.C. staff that is constantly having to fend off his messes and clean up after his gaffes. How nice of Biden to call out their failure to completely cover for him. But at this point, even with a small army — which he has around him — if they have to throw him out there for events, there’s going to be problems.

Then he went into that odd whispering thing that he does and he sounded almost out of breath.


“We’ve got to keep it up. We’ve got to double down right now. It’s only gonna get harder from here, but it’s closer, but it’s gonna get harder,” Biden wheezed.

Biden repeated that story about traveling “17, 18,000 miles together” with Xi Jinping that has been debunked many times. But in light of the allegations against him and his family members regarding China, it’s so strange that he keeps repeating this because it just added to the sense of that connection to the CCP.

Biden once again claimed, “There are going to be a billion people in Africa very shortly.” That already happened in 2009, so it’s troubling that a world leader doesn’t seem to have that basic fact correct.

At the end of his remarks, he appeared to go back to the mic to pick it up to say a few more words at about 16 seconds into the video. But watch as they turn off the link once Biden starts trying to speak again so that if he says something odd, no one will hear it.

That’s the respect that they show their leader — trying to cut him off whenever they can, to cover him.

But Joe wasn’t quite done yet. As he left the room, the NY Post’s Steven Nelson managed to get in a question about the Biden bribery scandal. He asked Biden if it was true that there were tapes of Biden and his son having conversations with the “bribe giver,” the Burisma executive.


“Are there tapes that you accepted bribes,” Nelson asked. “Is that true?”

Biden’s response was just to smirk at him and duck the question. He can’t answer, so he just tries to fluff it off. He doesn’t get that only makes it look worse, that he’s being condescending to the reporter and the American people, that he thinks he doesn’t owe the American people any answers. That’s bizarre and unserious. But that’s where we’re at with Biden.

As more and more information comes out, he’s not going to be able to fluff it off in the future.



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