Even CNN Analyst Thinks Something Is Amiss About Process of Hunter Biden Case

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I think it’s fair to say that CNN legal analyst Elie Honig holds pretty liberal views. He usually seems to be right in step with whatever the current Democratic narrative is.


But now, even Honig is raising questions about the length of the Hunter Biden investigation and calling out the FBI for slow-walking the case. Hunter Biden has been under investigation since at least 2018.

“This is preposterous!” Honig said about the matter. “This has been pending, according to our reporting at CNN, since 2018. Five years!”

“By the way, this investigation is not the laptop,” Honig claimed. “This investigation is a tax issue. Did Hunter Biden declare his income and a sort of obscure gun law? Did he possess a gun while he was addicted to drugs, which you’re not allowed to do under federal law? Did he lie about that?”

Honig argued that this is the type of case that shouldn’t have taken five years, that it should have taken “five weeks.”

“Someone’s got to make a call on this case. I don’t know what is going on, but it’s beyond anything I’ve seen before,” Honig said. “Make a call!”


Now, Honig is not quite right that it’s not about the laptop, since even the gun case and the taxes issue involve messages on the laptop. Also, there have been reports that indicate that a grand jury allegedly asked a witness about the “10 percent for the big guy” message on the laptop. Additionally, last week, former Attorney General Bill Barr said that the question about the bribery form was referred to the Delaware U.S. Attorney. So you would think that would be included in the Hunter matter, although it’s possible it could have been broken out into a separate case.

There have been concerns that the FBI might try to avoid dealing with the influence-peddling issue by just concentrating on Hunter’s taxes and the gun charge.

But even so, Honig is right. No matter what we’re talking about here, it is ridiculous that it’s taken this long, particularly with all the evidence they have on the laptop. Even Bill Barr — when he was talking about the bribery form– couldn’t believe it had taken this long and said they needed to “fish or cut bait.”


Yet, while actions against Bidens appear to lie fallow, the Special Counsel whipped the action against former President Donald Trump together in record time, within months, and dropped the indictment on the same day that the explosive details about the Biden bribery form were exposed.

It screams once again of the unequal application of the law — of how if it’s Trump, they do anything they can to go after him. If it’s Biden, it seems to disappear into an abyss with no real action.

When even CNN analysts are commenting on the failure to proceed, you know how obvious it must be getting that something is amiss. There’s a ton of evidence on that laptop and in the matter generally. In the words of Bill Barr, they need to fish or cut bait.


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