Turley Reveals How Dem Efforts to Take Down Trump May Come Back to Bite Biden

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We have a little more opinion from George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley.

We reported what he said before the Trump indictment. After he read the indictment, he said he found it “extremely damning,” although he also cautioned that a little, noting this is the prosecutor’s case and “every indictment falls apart to some degree” when you ultimately see all the evidence. But he also noted that the case wasn’t likely to go to trial before the election, and so the American people’s vote would to be a referendum on Trump. Turley explained that Trump could potentially pardon himself, if need be.


The effort to take down Trump started even before he was elected—with the Russia collusion hoax— followed by the impeachments, and now the indictments. If that wasn’t enough, Turley raised another possibility of how all the efforts to get Trump could come back and bite Biden, setting up possibly the wildest election ever.

Turley spoke about the “big debate” about whether or not you can impeach someone “for conduct before they became president.” He noted that because Biden is now denying the allegations while he occupies the office, you might be able to do some “bootstrapping” — meaning going after him for the remarks/actions while in office, trying to cover up the prior actions.

But beyond that, Turley noted that the Democrats just created a precedent that you can go after a former President, by going after Trump after he was out of office by the time of the Senate impeachment trial. Turley said that precedent could be used potentially to impeach Biden for his actions when he was vice president. “So, this is just going to get very, very weird,” Turley said.


Watters laughed and said that you could then have a federal trial against Trump, while an impeachment trial of Biden was going on at the same time, “in an election year.”

“Unbelievable,” Watters said. Turley noted it might be good for the legal commentators but pretty crazy for everyone else.

Not to mention that we still have the question of Biden’s classified document scandal. While they’ve rushed to indict Trump, they haven’t even bothered to interview Joe Biden yet. He took documents allegedly going back to 1974, that if he acquired them while he was in the Senate, he could only have gotten them by illegally removing from a SCIF. That raises not only criminal prosecution questions but present impeachment questions, as well.

Democrats have shown they have no regard for equal application of the law, and have turned our system into a banana republic, in the words of Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).

Trump was impeached for asking about Biden’s corruption, yet Biden was not prosecuted or impeached for that alleged corruption. Hillary Clinton gets a complete pass for classified documents, a private server, and allegedly destroying the evidence. As long as the Democrats are in power, the rule of law will be perverted. Part of the problem has been that they have never been held to account, not for anything, going back to Obama.


That’s why it’s been a slippery slope to the disaster we have now, and people are tired of it. If Republicans don’t understand that, they need to understand it now. This must change, and the only way that truly happens is for Republicans to win in 2024. Biden has to be held accountable—because right now, people have no faith in our system anymore.


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