Trump Trolls DeSantis' Problematic Announcement With Funny Video, Even Biden's Team Jumps In

Trump Trolls DeSantis' Problematic Announcement With Funny Video, Even Biden's Team Jumps In
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I thought it would be a great nod to new media to hold the announcement of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Twitter, as well as a great boon to the effort of Twitter to have free speech.

But let’s face it, it was more than a little problematic. Twitter Spaces crashed. People trying to get into the Spaces couldn’t get in and kept getting audio feedback.

Warning for graphic language:

#DeSaster trended for a period on Twitter. I like Elon Musk; I think he’s doing great things that have been a benefit to us all. Twitter and new media are the way of the future and are going to supplant the old media. But for this announcement, it did not work very well. If you have all those people dialing in to hear it, you have to have it working. Otherwise, you do DeSantis and the movement of new media a disservice.

They did get into some substance once they got things working, as we reported. But it was a little late and the problematic issues are going to be what a lot of the people are going to be talking about, which doesn’t help DeSantis.

It gave Trump a golden opportunity to have a little fun with DeSantis’ “failure to launch.”

If there’s one thing that Trump certainly understands and is right on target with, it’s the media. Trump was right there with the humor in light of the announcement. He can also use that to say “I’m the guy” who knows how to communicate and DeSantis hasn’t gotten it down yet. Trump also released some attack ads that focused on the positive things that he achieved during his presidency.

Even the Biden team was able to get in on the act from Joe Biden’s Twitter account. Now unlike Trump, which we know is all him, we know it’s not Joe because it’s already past his afternoon bedtime. But someone did have the presence of mind to post this.

Even Elon gave them credit for the shot.

When even the guy who can barely communicate coherently can get in a shot, things didn’t go well.

Now the bottom line is that the reason the Biden link works is that no one is clicking on it and no one wants to give money to Joe. Some people did want to hear what Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis had to say, which was part of the problem and why it crashed. There were reportedly close to 700,000 people at one point when it went down. Being overwhelmed by crowds is a problem that Joe will never face.

Plus apart from trying to take all our money, what work has Joe Biden done that has benefited the American people? Both Trump and DeSantis can point to productive things that they’ve done to make things better for the country. All Biden can do is point to a lengthy pile of incompetence. Either Republican candidate would far outstrip Biden and Trump has already proven that. No one wants Joe Biden to “finish the job” — he’s almost finished off the country as it is with all the horrible things that he’s done.

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