Comer Drops More Info on Missing Witnesses, Bribery Whistleblower, and Someone in WH Behind Intimidation

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House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) raised some important concerns with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo about the whistleblowers/witnesses that have come forward on their investigations into the Biden family foreign dealings scandal.


We touched on it in an earlier post, but here are Comer’s comments to Fox’s Maria Bartiromo. He says about nine out of 10 witnesses who have provided information to the Committee are now “missing,” in court or jail, and that some of them “fear for their lives.”

The people he’s talking about are the people that were involved in CEFC — that was the China-connected company that Hunter Biden was working with, and through which the Biden family received money. Is he referencing Tony Bobulinski? That would be an important loss if they didn’t have him, since he was involved in the partnership and knows so much. Comer said other people were those who knew information about the Biden influence-peddling schemes. He says not only is the Biden team trying to intimidate them, but the media is also trying to discredit them.

Comer notes the Rasmussen poll saying that seven in 10 Americans strongly support the Committee’s work and are concerned that Joe Biden is involved in a corruption scheme.


Bartiromo asks who in the White House is behind this intimidation. I don’t think she expected any response to that question. But you can see her eyebrows go up when Comer says that he does know who it is and they are “saving that for a later time.” That’s intriguing, but why not call the person out now, unless perhaps they are trying to trap whoever it is and nail them? Interestingly, after mentioning that person, he talks about Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) acting like a “criminal defense attorney for the Biden family.”

That interview prompted some to think that Comer was talking about the Grassley whistleblower who has knowledge about the FBI 1023 form regarding the alleged bribery scheme — an “alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.” Comer clarified that that wasn’t the case, that the reporting on that was wrong, and that whistleblower was not missing.


“I do not watch @MSNBC but apparently they’ve been running stories saying the Grassley whistleblower is missing?” Comer laughed. “I’m sorry to disappoint the liberal defenders of taking bribes for cash, but the Grassley whistleblower is alive and well. It’s been a bad week for the Fake News!” he declared.

It sounds like MSNBC might have been celebrating a bit prematurely there. Fortunately, it sounds like they have that person in a nice, safe place, to the sorrow of all the leftists who were celebrating that he/she might be gone. Comer has been trying to get the form from the FBI. However, so far they have not been complying. He has said they are going to demand compliance with their subpoena in order to get that form.

That said, they need to come down hard on the White House for any intimidation here.


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