Durham Report Wasn't Even Released Officially Before Media Tried to Spin It Away

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The 306-page Durham Report has just been released and we brought you some of the topline highlights from some folks who saw it before it officially dropped.

Among the highlights was that they had absolutely nothing to justify going after the Trump campaign on Russia collusion. They had no information that the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian officials. They could not corroborate anything claimed in the Steele Dossier. Peter Strzok was essentially telling a London FBI employee that “there’s nothing to this.”


“Again, the FBI’s failure to critically analyze information that ran counter to the narrative of a Trump/Russia collusive relationship exhibited throughout Crossfire Hurricane is extremely troublesome,” the report said.

On top of that, the Report then took on who knew what when in pushing this story against the Trump team. It notes that the Clinton campaign plan to link Trump to Russia was known to the CIA and was briefed by CIA Director John Brennan to President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, AG Loretta Lynch, and FBI Director James Comey.

And while they were going all in to go after Donald Trump based on nothing, they didn’t pursue Clinton when sources were dropping a dime on her.

There was also all kinds of pressure from leadership to get the FISA on Carter Page.


Perhaps that explains the lying that went on around it in order to get it. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pled guilty to one count of making a false statement in his effort to get the FISA warrant.

But despite all this, and even before the report was officially released at 4 p.m. Eastern, the media was already spinning it.

Here was the AP’s headline:

Then in the body of their story, they attacked Durham.

The impact of Durham’s report, though harshly critical of the FBI, is likely blunted by Durham’s spotty prosecution record and by the fact that many of the seven-year-old episodes it cites were already examined in depth by the Justice Department’s inspector general. The FBI has also long since announced dozens of corrective actions.

What they seemed to skip right over was that there was no real evidence to start the investigation, to begin with, and that the Clinton team’s plan to smear Trump was briefed to Obama, Biden, and other officials.

You had to go way down into the AP story to get to this part:

Durham’s team delved deep into those mistakes, finding that investigators did not corroborate a “single substantive allegation” in the so-called Steele dossier and ignored or rationalized what it asserts was exculpatory information that Trump associates had provided to FBI confidential informants.


Even CNN wasn’t as bad as the AP. This is a pretty straightforward takeaway.

This does appear to be the end of it with no further charges, but if you miss how evil this was to pursue the Trump team for years on nothing and the effort to smear him, you shouldn’t call yourself a journalist. I’m not sure at this point if I ever expected anyone to be held to account. But you cannot hide what was done and why it was done.

We’ll continue to look through the report and break down any of the interesting points for you as we find them.


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