Mayorkas Brags About '50 Percent Drop' in Illegal Entry, Bill Melugin Drops Facts on Him

AP Photo/Andres Leighton

The Biden team has some kind of nerve.

After the disaster they have created at the border — largely because of Joe Biden’s bad policies and undoing all the good things former President Donald Trump had done to keep things in check, now Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas is acting like they’ve done something successful in the wake of Title 42 ending.


“Over the past two days, the United States Border Patrol has experienced a 50% drop in the number of encounters versus what we were experiencing earlier in the week before Title 42 ended at midnight on Thursday,” Mayorkas said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Still, he cautioned that it’s “too early” to tell whether the migrant surge has peaked.

“It is still early. We are in day three, but we have been planning for this transition for months and months. And we have been executing on our plan. And we will continue to do so,” Mayorkas said. “It is too early. But the numbers that we have experienced over the past two days are markedly down over what they were prior to the end of Title 42.”

“It’s extraordinary what we’ve done over the past 18 months or so,” Mayorkas bragged.

It is “extraordinary” but not in the way he means. Illegal entry has hit record heights this week, with more than 10,000 people a day entering (that they know about, that doesn’t count the “gotaways”). Not even all members of his own party are buying what he’s saying, as border Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) said that they had two years to plan for the expiration of Title 42, “but their efforts have fallen short.”


Mayorkas’ claim about the 50 percent is also misleading since he’s saying that based on the highest number ever recorded from the middle of the week. So it’s still far more than it should be, just not the highest ever, and not because of anything good they’ve done. There was a big surge of folks coming in right before because they weren’t sure how the end of Title 42 would go.

I’m not sure we can believe the numbers from the Biden team when they lie so much. As I wrote earlier this week, they’re doing all they can to prevent transparency on the issue and blocking independent reporting from showing them shipping the illegal aliens around. But, as Fox’s Bill Melugin explains, there are a couple of things that may be factoring into the numbers.

Melugin explains that’s due to more enforcement from Mexico, Texas DPS blocking entry across the border, and illegal aliens going to points of entry, rather than just illegally crossing anywhere along the border.

Here’s the gallant effort by the Texas DPS and Texas National Guard doing all they can to hold the line when the Biden administration fails to do so.


The featured picture in this story above is a Texas National Guard member helping to block the border.

Melugin also explained that the numbers were likely to go back up again according to his sources, although perhaps not as high as the 10,000 earlier this past week.

So as typical with the Biden administration, Mayorkas is taking credit for something that might be largely due to Mexico and Republican Gov. Abbott, and counting his chickens before they are hatched.


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