Biden Takes a Nasty Shot at Tucker at WHCD, but It Goes Over Like a Lead Balloon

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The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is supposed to be a fun, light event, where people get roasted.

Parts of it didn’t go over well, with Joe Biden doing a cringe-worthy “Dark Brandon” moment, comedian Roy Wood roasting the media for giving Joe a pass on the classified documents and Joe having trouble with the teleprompter again.


In addition to all that, Biden made a comment that showed, once again, just what a nasty, unfunny character Joe Biden truly is. I don’t know how he ever sold the reputation that he was a “nice” guy when he is so often petty and childish. He can’t take being challenged or questioned by anyone on what he does. There may be no one who has busted what a contemptible fraud Biden is more than Tucker Carlson.

So naturally, petty Joe being petty, he had to take a shot at Carlson during the dinner. Yet, it wasn’t funny and even the folks there — most of whom don’t line up politically with Carlson — didn’t seem to appreciate it, which was interesting.

Biden couldn’t even say what was written out for him coherently. “We really have a record to be proud of: vaccinated the nation, transformed the economy, earned historic, precedented (?) victories and midterm results. But the job isn’t finished. I mean, it is finished for Tucker Carlson.”

I think he meant to say “unprecedented” but who knows? It was slurred over. The Democrats lost the House in the midterms, so that’s not exactly a victory. Biden certainly transformed the economy. Just not for the better, as Americans are suffering mightily under his Bidenflation. The “job” he seems to think he has is to finish America off, which is why it’s so important to vote him out in 2024 because everything he does is so harmful.


But how was that remark about Carlson even funny, much less true? Biden might have gotten away with being nasty if he had been funny. Even here, Biden is upset, because he thought he was going to get a big laugh, and he didn’t. So he has to say, “Like you think that’s not reasonable? Gimme a break!” How dare they not appreciate his brilliance?

Biden doesn’t get it, just as he hasn’t got anything during his time in office. Does he truly think that they’ve finished off Carlson? As I reported on Saturday, Carlson may be temporarily silenced while he’s working out the contract with Fox, if what Megyn Kelly is saying is true. But if Biden is crowing about it, he’s crowing a little soon because Carlson is going to be around for a long time after Biden has disappeared from the political scene and people then get honest about what a wreck he was.

How inappropriate too to be celebrating someone in the media parting ways from his position. Sounds like an attack on the “free press” to me.

Biden may think that he has the media in his pocket. In fairness, he has enough of them in there, it must be getting crowded. But there are many of us out here who are going to continue calling him out and pointing out how wrong it would be for this country to get stuck with him again in 2024. Carlson isn’t going to be the only person being honest about that now before the election.


Carlson was brilliant at this job and he will continue to be brilliant elsewhere. Biden will continue to have no class, continue to be a failure, and wonder why no one appreciates him.

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