Biden's Cringey 'Dark Brandon' Moment at WHCD, as Comedian Drops Him, Media on Classified Docs

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The media threw their White House Correspondent’s Dinner on Saturday night.

Joe Biden who seems to have trouble getting up before 10 a.m. or working past 4 p.m., or working on the weekend, was in attendance. Of course, this wasn’t work. He was with his buddies in the media. So he didn’t think he would have to worry about those with whom he could joke and be lazy.


However, Biden still managed to spew some very cringey moments.

It was past his bedtime, so it was probably too much to expect him to get the names of countries correct or make any kind of sense.

Iran, Iranda, heck what’s the difference anyway, right? It’s all the same. Even Joe mocked Joe.

Then there was the “Dark Brandon” moment.

Americans have been mocking him with the “Let’s go, Brandon” chant in various settings since October 2021. It translates to “F**k Joe Biden” and a recognition that the media will make up any story to cover for him. It stems from a reporter trying to claim that people chanting “F**k Joe Biden” were actually chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

But now, Joe Biden in April 2023, almost two years later, tried to flip the script on it, in a very cringe moment. They’ve tried to flip it before and failed, but this might be the first time he officially mentioned it. Yet he doesn’t seem to get that acknowledging it is an acknowledgment that so much of the country thinks that he is a failure.


You can hear some of the media whooping it up in the background and his team was trying to push this as some kind of “win.”

Yeah, guys, no one thinks he’s “Dark Brandon” when he can barely keep his eyes open or be coherent. It just makes him look stupid.

But on one level, “Dark Brandon” is right. It’s been truly dark times since he’s been in office for all Americans. We have people still being crushed by inflation, for example. Yet all we have there is this character, making a fool of himself, while not being held to account by the media. The disaster of your time in office isn’t saved with sunglasses, that’s simply an effort to obscure the light.

However, there was one truthful moment during the remarks of comedian Roy Wood at the dinner. Wood mocked both Biden and the media over his classified document scandal, noting how the media was all over the question of classified documents when it came to President Donald Trump, but when it came to Joe Biden, they weren’t as interested.


“As soon as the Trump document story broke, everybody was down at Mar-a-Lago reporting live,” Wood observed. “And then we found out Joe Biden had documents, too, and it was like ‘it’s not a big deal.’”

Wood then mocks how Biden doesn’t know how to keep documents safe.

Now that’s right on the money and good that he’s willing to make that observation. But notice Biden and the media are just laughing in response. They’re all willing to admit here what he said is true. But they all just think that’s something to laugh about. Biden thinks he’s not going to be held to account. Despite what he’s said, he doesn’t take classified documents seriously. If he did, he wouldn’t have spread them everywhere. And the media isn’t going to do their job; they’re going to continue to cover and carry water for Biden. We saw that again with the Biden cheat sheet revelations. Good on the media who took those pictures of his notes, but it reveals others in media who are all too willing to act in tandem with the Biden team.

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