Biden: Confused and Creepy Time With Children at the White House

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Joe Biden participated in a “Take Your Child to Work Day” meet and greet at the White House on Thursday.

Anytime you talk about an event with kids and Joe Biden, you have to steel yourself that he doesn’t say anything weird and he doesn’t sniff anyone. And seriously, what were these parents who had their kids there thinking?


Unfortunately, anything with Biden involves a lot of confusion. That was fully on display during this event as he talked with the children about a variety of subjects.

He was asked about his grandchildren and he started to list them. He said he had six grandchildren.

But in reality, he has seven — he just never acknowledges Navy Joan Roberts, the daughter his son Hunter had with a woman he wasn’t married to. Does he not know or is he just denying her? It’s kind of gross that he pushes so much about family but doesn’t ever mention her. She gets no stocking in the Biden house. Not only that but there were reports that Hunter was failing to turn over discovery to Lunden Roberts’ legal team regarding the case she has against him.

But that’s when Joe got into trouble, and in what seemed like a theme throughout the event, the kids had to help him. A little kid had to fact-check him when he forgot where one of the grandchildren lived.

Sometimes elderly folks forget things like that, but they’re also not the alleged leader of the free world who is supposed to be able to be up for the 3 a.m. call but can’t even remember things from one minute to the next.


The kids also had to help him out when he couldn’t remember the last country that he’d visited, which was just two weeks ago. He’s already forgotten his Ireland trip. “I’m trying to think where the last place I was, it’s hard to keep track!” Biden said.

If they’d asked him about ice cream, he probably would remember. But how do you forget where you went two weeks ago?

A little girl had to remind him that he had to get back to the Oval Office. Even the kids are acting like wranglers for Biden now. First, Biden didn’t understand what the girl was saying (although it was clear). Then when he finally got it, he griped about how he thought that he would get to give orders in the White House but that he feels like he has to “take more orders.”

So we ask again: Who is giving the orders to this confused guy who pretends to be the most powerful person in the country? He’s always alluding to people telling him what to do, yet we’re supposed to think he’s making all his own decisions and not ask questions about it.


At one point during the event, Biden tried to get one of the kids to go back into the White House with him. The kid was smart and wasn’t having any of it, completely rejecting Joe. “Come here. You hang with me for a minute…You don’t wanna go in the White House? Okay…,” Biden said.

Just stop being creepy with kids, Joe.

Finally, Joe seemed to get lost and confused as he tried to leave.

How can anyone look at any of this and think that this person could run for office again?

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