REPORTS: Tucker Carlson's Executive Producer Also Gone From Fox News

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Let’s add more to the saga that is unfolding over the “parting of the ways” between Fox and Tucker Carlson.

Whatever the reason – and there’s been a great deal of speculation being thrown out there – it’s clear that it was abrupt and that Carlson had no idea it was coming since he was saying he would be back on Monday during his last show.


Carlson, after years at the network, wasn’t even given the chance to have a final show or say goodbye, despite being such a huge draw. That’s not a good way to deal with people and it’s not a good look for Fox News. Fox needed him; he didn’t need them. But the abruptness suggests more drama than a simple “parting of the ways.” Mediaite is reporting it from a “source” as a “firing” and that it wasn’t mutual. We always have to wonder about such reports coming from liberal media, but there’s no doubt it was sudden and Tucker didn’t know it was coming on Friday. So something changed/radically shifted over the weekend.

Now there’s more information that adds another twist to the story. The Washington Post is reporting that Tucker Carlson’s executive producer Justin Wells has also left Fox. Mediaite is also reporting this from a source as is Semafor from “two people familiar with the situation.” Does that mean it’s related to the show, or is Wells just leaving in response, following Carlson? That remains to be seen.


Fox’s statement about the “parting of the ways” said that Carlson’s 8 p.m. time slot will be filled with “rotating Fox News personalities until a new host is named” on an interim basis.

Fox may try, but there isn’t anyone who can hold a candle to Carlson, with the appeal and the talent he had. Just last week, he had some amazing interviews with Elon Musk and of course also recently, he had some groundbreaking videos regarding Jan. 6. He’s been the cornerstone of Fox’s programming. He was even doing long-form programming for Fox Nation. This move leaves a pretty big hole in their programming. Knowing how popular he was and how much he was bringing in, you have to wonder what was going through their heads in making such a decision. This is going to hurt them tremendously and make viewers, many of whom only came to listen to Carlson, leave. This follows Fox and Dan Bongino having a “parting of the ways” as well. Bongino said they couldn’t come to terms. Is this a clearing of the decks for Fox to keep moving to the ridiculous center?

It’s like committing network suicide right before they go into the election season. We’re already seeing that Fox Corp shares have been tanking since the announcement.


We will doubtless find out more, but right now, all the rumors and speculation are in overdrive. One thing is for sure, Carlson will not be silenced for long and he will land on his feet elsewhere. It’s Fox who just shot themselves in the foot.

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