Liberals Pull Petty 'Blue Check' Move to Hurt Elon, but He Hilariously Checkmates Them

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

I wrote earlier about how liberals are flipping out about losing their blue checks, something that made them feel special and better than the rest of us. One of the reasons that Elon Musk did that was to bring equity to the platform, to say that there’s nothing inherently special about the legacy blue check mark, that the quality of what you have to say is what is important. Now, if you want the blue check, you have to pay for it, for the additional aspects of tweeting that it provides.


Yet the liberals — many of whom would have no trouble paying for that — don’t want to do that. They think they’re entitled to things for free because they are the “elite.” Thus, you’re seeing tantrums from folks like Alyssa Milano, Keith Olbermann, and Charlie Sheen — who aren’t superior to anyone, but who want the platform to cater to them. If they don’t like Musk or his policies, why don’t they leave and/or create their own Twitter? Isn’t that what liberals used to tell conservatives when conservatives were being suppressed? Yet they can’t even take not having a check.

What truly has to be the pettiest thing of all time is that some of these formerly blue check folks have been encouraging people on the left to “block the blue checks” — meaning block all the people who now have blue checks who paid for Twitter Blue, accounts connected to Twitter, William Shatner, LeBron James, and Stephen King. The reason they’re doing that is that they think that will hurt Musk and cost him money if they — the very important people that they are — block the peons who paid for it. If they don’t get to be special, they don’t want to hear from anyone with the check.


To be able to do that, they were using the verified column in the mentions — that Twitter added after the legacy check removal — to help them figure out who to block, figuring that all the people in there now were the Twitter Blue people who had paid. How childish can you be?

But now, the verified column has been put on hold, so they can’t do that anymore.

That was followed by Elon Musk tweeting this which, given the timing, seemed to be directed at the liberal effort.

MSNBC’s Medhi Hasan — who has been trying to smear journalist Matt Taibbi — next spread a false story about Twitter banning “hate speech” against blue check marks that were being spread.

Twitter Community Notes had to help him out and correct him, noting that what he was saying wasn’t true. It was a joke.


Now, this whole effort to block out the blue checks is funny because it also means that the blue checks are going to be free of all these supercilious nonsensical liberals, too. Many people would love that.

Musk could make it a selling point of Twitter Blue: look these crazy liberals will block you, so you wouldn’t have to hear from them. He might get many more people signing up for the service, with that possibility out there.



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