Elon Jumps Into the Trans Battle With a Tweet on Kids and Transgender Surgery

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Twitter head Elon Musk has shown that he’s not shy about expressing his opinion, even if it flies in the face of the narrative of the left. He’s already made the left melt down more times than I can count at this point, just by challenging them and removing them from the control of Twitter. That changed their ability to dictate the narrative.


But now, the left seems in favor of all kinds of insanity when it comes to kids: everything from sexualizing them with drag shows and in classrooms to supporting radical transgender surgery for underage children. As we reported, in Washington state, they’re even permitting juveniles to undergo transgender surgery without parental consent, stripping parents of their rights.

The “Redheaded Libertarian” Josie Glabach blasted the twisted MSNBC op-ed bashing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for fighting against such things.

Under the encouragement of Governor Ron DeSantis, the state’s Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine both passed rules to also ban surgical procedures for under-18s.

Board members said the decision was made based on the irreversibility of the drugs and the growing number of people choosing to ‘de-transition’.

Musk, who has already stepped in it with the left by saying he’s for free speech and encouraging people to vote for Republicans, has likely stepped in it again with them with his tweet in response to Glabach about transgender surgery.


“Any parent or doctor who sterilizes a child before they are a consenting adult should go to prison for life,” Elon said.

Now, one would think the general sentiment is not at all controversial. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) echoed that thought.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said she was proposing legislation against performing such surgery on children under 18.

If you looked at the response, it was overwhelmingly supportive of Musk’s comment.

Yet, it’s controversial for those on the left, who seem to think it’s right to do that to a child before they can consent as an adult.

Here’s the level of insanity it’s reached, when you have White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defending this kind of action against minor children.


“LGBTQI+ kids are resilient. They are fierce. They fight back…We are so proud,” Jean-Pierre said.

What a strange transition we are in as a society, when the left thinks they think they can dictate this. But they are neither operating in the majority nor in the best interests of the child. You know Musk’s going to come under all kinds of attack for saying the obvious, and he likely knows that, too. That didn’t stop him from saying it. The left accused him of being transphobic for wanting to defend minor children.

Musk has a transgender child who transitioned as an adult, so he may have some cause to feel strongly about the subject. The child, who was born Xavier Musk, now goes by the name “Vivian Wilson.”


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