New Hunter Biden Report Raises Questions About Business Dealings in Ireland

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Joe Biden’s trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland raises big questions.

We were told he was going there to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, the agreement that pretty much ended the “troubles” in Northern Ireland. But truthfully, it seemed like it was more of a vacation and an effort to visit places related to Biden’s personal history, including areas where his mother’s family was from, paid for by the taxpayer dime.


“He will meet with relatives, visit places of significance to the Finnegans of County Louth and the Blewitts of County Mayo and discuss how a fierce pride in being Irish and a value system that says everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect have been passed down to each generation,” a White House official said.

There was another big question that no one in the media seemed to be asking: why were his sister and Hunter there? Was the family going to reimburse the government for taking them along on the trip and getting a vacation out of this? And unfortunately, the question we now also have to ask is, was there some other business that this might relate to? Hunter got invited despite being under investigation for years by the FBI and the House GOP looking into Biden family foreign business dealings. Hunter did serve some utility, acting as Joe’s handler in the absence of his wife Jill, helping explain things to him and tell him what he had to do.

We’ve seen in the past when Biden was vice president how Hunter hopped aboard Air Force Two with his dad to go to China and then met with a business associate—Jonathan Li—while there, even introducing Li to Joe Biden. That 2013 trip, pictured above, is just one of the many meetings that did happen with Hunter’s business associates, despite Joe saying that he knew nothing about his son’s enterprises.


Turns out there may be a good reason to ask questions about the connection to Ireland, as a new Fox report explains.

In 2011, Hunter’s partners at his now-defunct investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners discussed making contacts to expand their energy investments in various state-owned investment funds, including in China, Ireland, Oman and Qatar, according to emails reviewed by Fox News Digital.

On March 8, 2011, Eric Schwerin, the firm’s former president, sent Hunter and then-CEO Devon Archer an email containing the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute’s (SWFI) current list of the top sovereign wealth fund, which are state owned, and their rankings at the time.

“Let’s discuss today what else we can be doing to connect with these groups,” Archer responded, adding that Rosemont Seneca was “already working” with several funds on the list, including two in China.

“China Social Security-following up with Jonathan Li to see if there’s viability,” Archer wrote to Schwerin and Hunter, referring to the National Social Security Fund in China, which had over $146 billion in assets at the time, according to the SWFI list, and Hunter’s Chinese business partner, Li, whom Biden briefly met in China more than 2 years later.


But they also were reaching out to do similar things regarding Ireland with another sovereign wealth fund there, the National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF) in Ireland, which had $33 billion in assets at the time.

Archer suggested that they follow up by contacting Dan Rooney who was then the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, appointed by Barack Obama.

“Ideas we could follow-up on,” Archer wrote. “Ireland- ask for intro through Rooney.”

Schwerin then told Archer and Biden that maybe they could connect up with Rooney during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Washington, D.C., the following week.

“Ireland – I assume there may be some opportunities to informally connect to Rooney, et. al. at the St. Patrick’s Day stuff next week and then formally follow up afterwards?”

Archer joked about using a video of Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen as their “pitch.”

You can see how they used such events to make contacts for their business. It’s not clear if they were able to put any of the Irish contacts to any use as they did with the Chinese contacts. But given the current trip to Ireland, it certainly raises more questions.


Fox asked the White House if they were aware of these emails and if they would guarantee that Hunter was not using the trip to advance his financial interests. The White House refused to respond.

Paging House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY)—this sounds like another thing you should be looking into.


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