Mark Warner Lets Loose on Biden on Classified Docs, 'Worse Than Trump,' Now He's Taking Action

I previously wrote about how Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) has been losing patience with the Biden administration’s failure to comply with their requests to see the classified documents that were found in Joe Biden’s home and office, as well as those found in the home of former President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence. Warner is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, so he and his Committee have a right to see them or at least know what they are so that they can evaluate the potential harm to national security and take whatever steps might be needed to remediate the problems.


A couple of days ago, he said their excuses “didn’t pass the smell test” on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Now he’s even madder because they didn’t take the hint and they’re still not complying.

Warner let loose on MSNBC to Andrea Mitchell, because he was furious.

“This is where the Biden administration gets an absolute failing grade,” Warner thundered to Mitchell on Wednesday. “Their position is outrageous,” he added.
He said that Pence said that he was perfectly willing for them to see the documents, and that he turned them over as did the Department of Justice, praising Pence for trusting them. But he said that the Biden DOJ and the Director of National Intelligence kept shifting the blame back and forth as to why they weren’t getting the documents.

Warner said he was “done” with playing nice and again said, their excuses “didn’t pass the smell test.”

“I’m done with the lack of willingness for the administration to address this,” he said, saying that he and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., had asked for the documents back in September.

“We’ve seen squat…I’m not a guy that comes on TV and makes threats, but I’m joining with my Republican colleagues and my colleagues, Democrat and Republican, in the House. This position cannot stand,” he said.


Warner even said that the Trump administration was more transparent during the Russia investigation, “The fact that this administration is not even meeting the transparency standards of Donald Trump.” You know when they pull out Trump, Biden is truly in problems. He said that they got total transparency from Trump.

Warner said they were now going to put limitations “on what the IC [the intelligence community/agencies] does.” He said he was going to encourage his colleagues to also put limitations on the Department of Justice because of this. “[T]heir dragging their feet is outrageous. We got a job to do. And if we can’t get it through a negotiation process with them, we will use other tools.”

That warning the other day was the last straw. They didn’t comply, so now he’s dropping the hammer.

We can see from this how much Biden and the Democrats have polluted what are supposed to be neutral departments. We saw the DOJ not reveal the information about the Biden classified documents, but then have all kinds of leaks not to mention the raid when it came to the Trump situation. We saw that the National Archives was going to tell us in a statement when the Biden classified documents were initially discovered, but “someone” who has not yet been identified with the power told them not to. Now they’re stiff-arming the Senate and even Democrats like Warner are boiling that they have so grievously acting.


That raises the big question and it’s getting to be a bigger question all the time: What is Biden hiding? It’s bad enough if they’re just random classified documents that he took. But if those documents are related to the Biden family business with the Chinese or Ukraine, there could be reasons that he took the documents to hide something. The longer Biden stalls, the more one has to conclude that not only has he irreparably injured how the system is supposed to work, but that there’s something in those classified documents that’s so bad that he doesn’t want people to know.



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