Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte: Biden Gets Busted by Twitter Fact Checkers Again

Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

When Joe Biden ran for office, he claimed that he was running as a “unifier.”

But Biden has operated as anything but — attacking and lying about his political opponents, even demonizing millions of MAGA Americans.


He seems to constantly want to push division and chaos at every point.

Biden was at it again with a post he made, supposedly about a letter he got from a little girl named “Charlotte” who wanted him to “fix” that “men are getting more money then (sic) girls.”

Many mocked Biden that anyone would fall for such a letter.

“Charlotte, I couldn’t agree more. Women lose thousands of dollars each year, and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, because of gender and racial wage gaps,” Biden’s account tweeted. “I’m committed to building an economy where my daughters have the same rights and opportunities as my sons.”

His tweet was met with a great deal of mocking, as many people didn’t believe that this was a real letter and understandably so.

“Sooo, they have staff writing fake notes from children to Biden now… lol,” author and comedian Tim Young wrote.

“Which of your staffers held the pencil in the wrong hand to write this?” The Post Millennial photojournalist Beth Baisch asked.

Software engineer Billy Markus wrote, “looks super real and totally not fake.” [….]

“Are we sure Jill Biden didn’t write that?” The Federalist CEO and co-founder Sean Davis asked. “It’s written at the same grade level as her joke of a ‘dissertation.’”


Some offered a solution for “Charlotte” — just say that she’s a boy, offered Walk Away founder Brandon Straka. One journalist noted that “Charlotte” might face discrimination exactly because of the positions of Joe Biden and the Democrats which would have her face biological boys/men when it came to competition in sports.

Now, most people know that this claim about unequal pay is a false one that has been debunked many times. Except, apparently, Joe Biden (or whatever intern is on the account while Joe sleeps in) and whoever was behind the indoctrination of the real or the imaginary “Charlotte.”

But into every intern’s life, a little reality must fall, this is how they learn not to be Democrats eventually as they age and grow in wisdom. Twitter Community notes let Joe/the intern know the facts.

I might also have a few other questions for old Joe. He’s been in office since year one, why hasn’t he done anything about it if he believed this nonsense about the gender/racial pay gap was a real thing? And I’m confused. At this point they can’t even define what a woman is, so how can Biden even say this if he isn’t even a biologist? Of course, this is all just nonsense to continue to hype the angst and push their political agenda. Biden just can’t stop spreading that malarkey.


Some also offered up more letters that seemed much more accurate and deserving of attention.


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