Biden Admits How Unpopular He Is, and Response of Vegas Audience Confirms It

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Joe Biden was at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas on Wednesday to talk about prescription drug costs and “lowering costs for American families” (as everything he does raises costs for American families).


However, with Joe Biden being Joe Biden, you know that you’re going to be treated to an unhealthy dose of confusion and lies.

He went into his routine — something he’s done in the past — where he tells anyone sitting higher than him “Don’t jump.”

He seems to think it’s funny, but it just continues to seem weird and it always reminds me of the Hillary Clinton meme where she’s looking skyward for the balloons with her mouth wide open.

Click on it to see the video.

Biden began talking about prescription drugs. But then he weirdly chuckled about dying from heart disease and said that he had “declared war on cancer.”

How out of it is he at this point? Unfortunately, his “war” on cancer is like the rest of his policies — a lot of talk. But imagine laughing at people dying from heart disease. That’s a bit like when he laughed at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over the discussion of a mom losing two sons to fentanyl — there are some things that people don’t laugh at, and that’s one. Laughing at dying from heart disease is another one. I don’t know what Joe’s problem is at this point, but he seems to be failing fast.


Biden then talked about how, after “decades” of trying to take on big Pharma, they’d “finally, finally won.”

Is he serious? Um, Joe? Democrats have been in bed with “big Pharma” for decades. Biden himself mandated compliance with getting vaccines from big Pharma. So if “we” won, the “we” probably doesn’t mean the American people. Talk about one heck of a whopper there.

But then he started speaking — or should I say lying — about his budget and his economic policies.

He lied about cutting the deficit when, in fact, even CNN and Moody’s have called him out on that falsehood.

Biden said, “Show me your budget and I’ll show you what you value.”


What a perfect comment on his budget. Because his budget perfectly shows what he values — and it isn’t the American people or what’s in their best interests. As we previously reported, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out the things he does value — the Democrats’ leftist agenda.

Biden doesn’t care about reducing inflation, if he did, he’d stop the reckless spending. He doesn’t care about securing the border, because if he did, his DHS wouldn’t have to lie to Congress about whether or not the border was secure, he’d be doing everything he could to secure it. Biden’s budget is just a festival of grabbing our money to use it for the radical agenda.

Biden lied one more time, saying there was “nothing radical” about his budget and he claimed it was “overwhelmingly popular.” But he did say one true thing.

“It’s a hell of a lot more popular than I am!” Biden admitted. I agree. Most of his budget is probably unpopular but at least the left will like the radical parts. That already makes it more popular than old Joe who is unpopular across the board.


But if there was any sign of how unpopular he is and how people don’t like his policies, listen to the reaction here when he promises, “There’s a lot more coming.”

In a room full of a likely friendly audience, it sounds like one person claps. That’s what people think of his agenda. Not a good look for him for 2024. Indeed, you can hear far more in the silence — that’s the people who know “a lot more coming” from Joe Biden is something to be feared and concerned about.


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