Mom of Fentanyl Victims Responds Accordingly to Joe Biden’s Appalling Insensitivity

We reported Wednesday on how CNN’s Daniel Dale, who we’ve been told is the resident “fact checker” for the failing network, was told to “f*** off” after he sought comment from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office following a tweet in which she blamed Joe Biden for the fentanyl poisoning deaths of two brothers who died under the Trump administration.


To recap, as you’ll see from the tweet below, Greene wrongly attributed their deaths to Biden’s lax southern border policies, but in the video she included, she spoke to the mother of the victims, Rebecca Kiessling, during a hearing this week and told her that “our government” must do more to secure the border because these tragedies are continuing to happen in communities across the country:

In response, Biden brought up Greene’s comments during a House Democrat event in Baltimore and while he didn’t laugh at the mother’s story, he laughed toward the end of his comments at Greene blaming him for it.

A lot of videos have circulated that cut off the comments from Biden referencing Greene specifically, but here’s one in context that shows he was taking shots at Greene and not Kiessling:


Regardless of how you look at it, though, the little chuckle right there at the end was about as insensitive as it gets and understandably, it has caused the Kiessling family even more pain, as evidenced by Rebecca Kiessling’s reaction to the NY Post’s story that detailed how “Biden laughs at Marjorie Taylor Greene pinning 2020 fentanyl deaths of two brothers on him”:

Again, Biden wasn’t laughing at the sons’ deaths but he was using them and Greene’s claim of when they died to score political points with Congressional Democrats, and then chuckled at the end of his commentary which, as I noted earlier was insensitive in the extreme considering the subject matter.

The fact of the matter is that the Trump administration worked to strengthen border security and reduce the chances of innocent people dying due to the failed policies of prior administrations, while Joe Biden rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants with an open border. The result has been record numbers of illegal immigrants pouring over the border and all the assorted crime that is typically associated with the bad elements when these surges take place.


That Rebecca Kiessling’s sons didn’t die under this administration doesn’t change those inconvenient facts, no matter how Joe Biden tries to downplay the dire situation otherwise.

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