Schumer Shows What a Coward He Is Regarding Tucker's J6 Coverage

Tucker Carlson’s release of video footage and coverage of the Jan. 6 riot is driving the Democrats and their fellow travelers to distraction. They’re so upset that there is anything that contradicts the carefully curated narrative that they have been selling for more than two years.


We saw Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) completely losing his mind on the Senate floor, even demanding that Fox owner Rupert Murdoch shut Carlson’s further coverage down “because our democracy depends on it.” Our “democracy” depends upon shutting down free speech and letting the public know more about what happened that day? What a bizarre way to claim you care about “democracy” — by wanting to suppress speech. But it shows what a panic they are in.

Schumer wasn’t finished there. But his subsequent comment — meant to attack Tucker Carlson — just showed what a coward he is. He said he was invited to go on Tucker’s show but he would go only under one condition.

He said he would only go on if Carlson admitted he lied about the 2020 election and Jan. 6.

Translation: It’s never happening because Chuck can’t deal.

Given how Tucker responded to the tantrums thrown about his coverage on Tuesday — mocking the media meltdown and taking Schumer apart — I think we know he will laugh his head off at this response from Schumer. Tucker didn’t need to invite him, but he was giving him a chance to air what he wanted to say.


The fact that Schumer doesn’t have the courage to do it and answer real questions shows you all you need to know. What a feckless character he is. He just wants to threaten Fox and Carlson, without having to stand up for what he’s saying. He already made it clear that he thinks he has the right to tell media what to do — he said exactly that. Forget about the First Amendment or “You know, the thing.” He completely folds like a cheap suit.

People called out Chuck and laughed at him for his cowardice. He was ratioed into next week for his tweet.

The panic is running deep.


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