Ken Burns Calls Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson 'Huge Threat to Our Republic'

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It’s been a day of the left and their fellow travelers throwing tantrums over Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the Jan. 6 video footage. I wrote earlier about Tucker’s coverage as well as Adam Kinzinger’s continued meltdown.


There have been a lot of bad takes. But perhaps one of the worst came from documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, the guy known for his history documentaries. Now I must admit to having watched some of his work, including on the Civil War and the history of baseball, and enjoying it. If you liked his work and thought he sounded knowledgeable, you may want to adjust your opinion after this. It’s a terrible thing to lose one’s mind to leftism.

He not only railed on Tucker but he lost it on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as well.

“You know, what makes America great is not the suppression of ideas, or the pursuit of every corner of those ideas may lead us, or the facts. It’s, it’s about who we are and how we investigate who we are and celebrate the diversity of who we are,” Burns claimed. “All of these bills that DeSantis and others are doing limit our ability understand who we are and are not inclusive. They’re exclusive. They’re, they’re narrowing the focus of what is and isn’t American history. It’s terrifying. It feels like a Soviet system, or, you know, the way the Nazis would build a Potemkin village.


“Tucker Carlson’s doing the same thing with the footage from, uh, 1/6,” Burns insisted. “It’s just, uh, a kind of rewriting of history at the most dangerous level. It’s, it’s a huge threat to our republic.” He said some of the Founding Fathers would be “rolling over in their graves if they think that this person is carrying the mantle of what it is to be American.”

So let’s unpack. Burns is trying to say that DeSantis is like the Soviets or the Nazis because he doesn’t want kids to be indoctrinated and he doesn’t want pornography in the schools. Is Burns saying he’s supporting that? Is he saying anything is permissible for kids of school age? Does being inclusive and diverse include pornography for young children? The insanity is aided a bit there by Don Lemon falsely claiming that Critical Race Theory is just teaching “history” as opposed to leftist politics. DeSantis not wanting indoctrination is the very opposite of the Soviet system.

I’m not even sure how “Potemkin Village” even applies here. How is more transparency bad? Then how is Tucker Carlson releasing more videos of what happened a “huge threat to our republic”? They’re threatened by transparency? Again, transparency is the opposite of the Soviet or Nazi system. One has to wonder when greater transparency frightens them so. It is they who seem to want to be importing a Soviet system when they want to snuff out anything that questions the powers that be. How is he “rewriting history,” if he’s releasing videos?


He talks about not “othering” other people, he just “othered” Tucker Carlson as “not an American” because he doesn’t like what he had to say. I would say the Founding Fathers would likely have a problem with that. Calling people “threats to the republic” is pretty Soviet sounding when you don’t like what people have to say.

But then Burns went over the edge, saying it was all about “white supremacy.” Because of course. Is there anything that the left wouldn’t find to be racist? Now the truth is racist too. What does any of this have to do with white supremacy?

Yet, Burns celebrates his book being referred to as an “anti-fascist.” You’re not a real anti-fascist if you want to shut down the political opinion of your opponents. And now of course, “anti-fascist” has been co-opted by the radical left which is anything but anti-fascist.

He said anytime you hear “them,” run away because that’s fascist. But he then makes DeSantis and Carlson a “them,” claiming falsely that they are trying to impose “hierachies” over us. He presents no evidence. Anyone claiming either one of them is a “white supremacist” is not living in reality.


He was a good filmmaker. Now he’s sold any credibility he ever had for his bias. It wasn’t a good trade.


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