Chris Rock Lights Up Will Smith, Meghan Markle and Performative Wokeness in Wild Show

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Chris Rock is getting a lot of attention with his new Netflix special, “Selective Outrage.”

He ripped into Will Smith over that infamous 2022 Oscars slap and what was behind it all. He also took on Meghan Markle, cancel culture, and performative “wokeness.”


He joked about the slap, “It still hurts! I got ‘Summertime’ ringin’ in my ear.” But then he went on to attack victimhood, which was his theme of the night.

“Right now we live in a world where the emergency room is filled with motherf—ers with paper cuts,” he said.

“You will never see me on Oprah or Gayle crying. You will never see it. Never gonna happen. ‘I couldn’t believe it! And I loved ‘Men in Black’!’,” Rock mockingly whimpered. “No! F–k that s–t. I took that hit like Pacquiao!”

Rock mocked Markle’s continuing outrage about the alleged racism of the royal family, making it clear he thought it was all about getting attention.

“It’s the royal family!,” he said. “You didn’t Google these motherf—-ers? What the f–k is she talking about ‘She didn’t know’?!”

He went on: “That’s like marrying into the Budweiser family and going, ‘They drink a lot.’”

He spoke out against the “selective outrage” — how some things are canceled and others are not for the same acts, depending upon who the scrutiny is applied to.

“One person does something, they get canceled. Another person does the exact same thing, nothing,” he said. He’s enraged by “the kind of people who play Michael Jackson songs but won’t play R. Kelly. Same crime — one of ‘em’s just got better songs.”


We see that constantly when it comes to liberals and conservatives, where the magical “D” gets you a pass.

Rock mocked things like “safe spaces” and performative wokeness. This was a great section where he took them apart.

Warning graphic language:

“Who gives a f–k?,” he said about Lululemon having a sign up saying they condemn racism and sexism. “You’re just selling yoga pants!”

But he saved some of his fire for Smith in the final moments of his show. Rock wasn’t holding back when it came to Smith, “Everybody called that man a b**tch” regarding his marital issues.

“Will Smith practices selective outrage,” Rock declared. “Practices selective outrage. Cause everybody knows what the f— happened. Everybody that really knows, knows I had nothing to do with that s—. I didn’t have any entanglements.” What did he mean by “entanglements”? He was referring to Jada Pinkett Smith admitting that she’d gotten into an “entanglement” with her son’s friend, rapper August Alsina. She said it was while she and Smith were separated in 2021.

Warning graphic language:


Why the f— would you do that s—? She hurt him way more than he hurt me. OK,” he told the crowd.

Rock admitted that when the news broke about the couple, he tried to reach out to Smith.

“I tried to call the motherf—– and give him my condolences – he ain’t pick up for me. Everybody called that man a b—-…They called his wife a predator. Everybody called him a b—-. Everybody! Everybody! And who’s he hit? Me.”

Rock’s Netflix show was the talk of the weekend. He certainly fired back at Smith for the slap. But if they happen to be in the same space again after this, I think he may want to make sure he’s far enough away from Smith.


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