Chief of Staff Gives Bad Response When Asked How Fetterman Is Introducing Legislation While in Hospital

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John Fetterman is in the hospital being treated for severe depression. His wife then took the kids and skedaddled up to Canada for a trip, prompting a lot of talk.


The American people, including the voters of Pennsylvania, were told he was recovering — despite his obvious issues every time he was in public. Then, after he won and was sworn in, he was hospitalized twice and his people acknowledged that he may have set back his recovery from his stroke by campaigning and that he was already suffering from depression.

So his people weren’t transparent with us or the voters about his issues before the election. First, they said he was fine, then they claimed any questioning of his condition was somehow discriminatory.

But then there was this announcement from the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

U.S. Sens. Bob Casey and John Fetterman of Pennsylvania joined a bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday introducing new legislation aimed at preventing future freight train derailments like the one last month in East Palestine, Ohio.

So naturally, that prompted some to wonder how is Fetterman joining in any bill, if he’s in the hospital. Is he calling it in while he’s being treated? It seems a fair question, plus, it would seem time for his people to give an update on how he’s doing.

Instead, his chief of staff Adam Jentleson attacked people on the right.


It wasn’t the right who made Fetterman run an exhausting campaign after having a disabling stroke.

But when Stephen Miller, a Contributing Editor at The Spectator, asked about the process for Fetterman joining in any bill, Jentleson not only didn’t answer, he blocked him.

“Why is the chief of staff of a United States Senator blocking people on Twitter who are asking about the Senator’s constitutional ability to vote on or introduce legislation?” Miller asked.

That’s a good question, particularly given they have shown such a lack of transparency in the past about his health and aren’t saying much about what’s going on now. If he has such severe depression that he needs to be hospitalized, is he working, and is that something he should be doing? As we reported, in their “update” a few days ago, all they said was that this would be a “weeks-long process” and that was all there was by way of an update.


I think everyone wishes him well, but Democrats and his own people haven’t served him or the voters well by putting him in this position. They continue not to serve him or the voters well by not being upfront about what’s going on.

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