Biden's Clueless Response to Poll on How Bad Americans Think Things Are

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Once upon a time, we had a president who had a sign on his desk that said, “The buck stops here.”

Now we have a resident in the Oval Office who can never take responsibility for anything he does or the harmful effects that may result.


As we reported, Joe Biden did an interview with ABC’s David Muir. He was asked if he’d spoken with the mayor of East Palestine about the disaster there. He claimed that he spoke to “everybody” but then admitted he couldn’t even remember if he spoke to the mayor. Biden also got very defensive when told the mayor said going to Ukraine showed he didn’t care about East Palestine.

Biden also refused to take responsibility for being found with classified documents, trying to deflect to President Donald Trump, saying there were “degrees of irresponsibility,” suggesting Trump was somehow more irresponsible, and “they” didn’t check when they packed up his office.

He didn’t explain how he had classified documents from different offices and decades, from his time as Vice President and from his time in the Senate where he would not have had such easy access to classified documents. He also refused to take any greater responsibility for his failures regarding the Chinese spy balloon and claimed only MAGA people were objecting to the immense amount of money being given to Ukraine, seemingly without end or accountability.

Now there are a couple more clips from the interview that highlight that failure to take responsibility for anything. Muir asked Joe Biden why so many Americans feel that they are worse off under him.


“4 in 10 Americans say they’re worse off than when you were elected — only 16% said they’re better off. Why?”

Biden didn’t blame himself, he blamed the media for negative coverage, “I mean you interview for the news. Can you think of anything turn on the television and go, ‘God, that makes me feel good?'”

So it’s the fault of the liberal media that pretty much does all it can to spin for him. The problem isn’t that he’s failing, it’s just they are so “negative.” Such gratitude for their effort to help him. Indeed, Muir’s interview is one of the few interviews that hasn’t been largely a softball exercise. Biden got some real questions and had trouble answering them. The problem is there’s only so much the narrative spinners can do when things are so objectively bad.

Biden not only blamed the media, but he also went on to suggest that Americans just don’t understand how awesome he is. Listen to this as he says we’ve been through so much with the pandemic and have a higher incidence of mental health issues.

Inflation and gas prices are still up, but we just don’t get how he’s “created” more manufacturing jobs and we’re so much better off than anywhere else. If you can’t afford to stretch your budget anymore because of Bidenflation, you just don’t get how much better you have it.


The problem of course is that most people are over a few years old, they know how much better they had it before under President Donald Trump before the pandemic and they know those policies worked. They look at Biden and see everything has gone south across the board on virtually every issue under Biden. It isn’t that they don’t know, it’s because they do know. They’ve watched him and they know what he’s done. We’re down because of him.

Biden can’t think of a time of “greater uncertainty” — but that’s directly due to him, whether he wants to take responsibility for that, or not.


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