Non-Binary Former Biden Official in More Trouble, If What Fashion Designer Says Is True

Sam Brinton makes a court appearance. Screenshot credit: Rebecca Brannon.

If you thought that the story of Sam Brinton, the Biden official who allegedly likes to swipe luggage, was weird, it gets weirder.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, Sam Brinton was fired after the “non-binary” Biden official faced two felonies for luggage swiping in at least two separate incidents. Just the kind of person you want to deal with our nuclear energy.


Brinton appeared in court last week on one of the charges.

Now, it looks like he may be in some more trouble, if what a fashion designer is saying is true.

Asya Khamsin, a Tanzanian fashion designer who is based out of Houston, Texas, said that she was flying out of Reagan National Airport (DCA) in 2018 when her bag was “lost.” She’s now saying on Twitter that she recognized some of what Brinton is shown wearing in pictures as some of her custom-made outfits that were in that lost bag.

I’m thinking maybe it’s not the best idea in the world, if you swiped something, to wear it on the red carpet. That might just tend to give you away.


But, how crazy is this, that this poor lady makes these clothes and then stumbles across what may have happened to them like this? Now, if she’s telling the truth, she certainly deserves some justice and hopefully will pursue some legal action. The police need to look into the matter.

There’s a picture of her wearing one of the outfits in question in 2018, so it does look like it’s her outfit.

Maybe on the positive side, it might bring attention to her designs. It sure looks like Mr. Brinton is going to be facing some more legal difficulty, if the fashion designer pursues any action with the police or any other action. But it’s par for the course with the Biden administration, which seems to prefer box-checking to picking people based on their abilities and character.



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