Adam Kinzinger Accidentally Does in His Committee With Tantrum About Jan. 6 Footage

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I wrote earlier about Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) panicking over Tucker Carlson being given access to thousands of hours of Jan. 6 footage by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). His fury was just delicious. You could tell he was going into full overdrive when he started spreading those Russian conspiracy theories yet again.


But Schiff wasn’t the only former member of the partisan witchhunt Jan. 6 Committee throwing a tantrum over the release.

Adam Kinzinger, who is thankfully gone from Congress, also is throwing a fit. Aren’t these the same folks who said they wanted Americans to know what happened on Jan. 6? But then they controlled everything, they refused to release the footage to let Americans see, they wanted to control the narrative and present their political agenda to slam President Donald Trump and Republicans before the midterms. They can’t control the narrative if all the information comes out.

Kinzinger’s comment was nonsensical and sounded desperate. But he also accidentally did in his Jan. 6 Committee and showed how empty they truly were.


“So Kevin McCarthy shared the surveillance footage, not with the rest of congress, investigators, or anyone like that,” Kinzinger whined. “It was
@TuckerCarlson. The “elisestefanik’ing” of McCarthy has been breathtaking, and not the man I thought i knew before Trump. Lies lies lies.”

But wait, wasn’t he in Congress? Didn’t the Democrats under then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have access to all this? Wasn’t the Jan. 6 Committee supposed to be an “investigation”? Didn’t they have access to this? They’ve had two years to release the material. So he’s dinging McCarthy for finally sharing the information when his buddy House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and his Committee wouldn’t? What was their “investigation” worth if they didn’t release it? Is he admitting they didn’t look at it? They were so busy with their politics that the truth just didn’t matter. Or is it all just about desperately trying to put down the release now because of concern over what it might show? Either way, he shows how empty the Committee was that they didn’t put all the truth out there for the public to see, as McCarthy is trying to do now.

I’m not sure Kinzinger understands how nonsensical his comment is and how he intrinsically did in the worth of his Committee by it.


Kinzinger, like Schiff, is sure sounding angry and nervous about all this. Why are they upset if everything they said was true?

If he cared about transparency, they would have put the footage out there. What they cared about was attacking Trump and that was their focus. Even now, you can see that’s Kinzinger’s focus. He can’t start crying now when he’s the one exposing what a failure he and his Committee were.


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