Biden Trips Over His Racism Yet Again in Comment About MD Governor

Joe Biden has a long history of racist comments that he never seems to have been held to account for. It hasn’t stopped Democrats from voting for him — they largely turn a blind eye to it, when they need him to help hold onto their power.


On Wednesday, he was at it again during remarks to IBEW workers in Lanham, Maryland. He was speaking about Democratic Gov. Wes Moore, who is Maryland’s first black governor.

“You got a hell of a new governor in Wes Moore, I tell ya,” Biden declared. “He’s the real deal, and the boy looked like he could still play. He got some guns on him.”

The “guns” and “still play” references his biceps and that he played football at Johns Hopkins. Imagine if a Republican had said that, we’d be hearing it 24/7 across every media outlet, with calls for him to resign. But when it comes to Biden, it’s just another day with such remarks.

He has a problem with the term “boy” as we’ve seen in the past.

When he praised Japanese golf champion Hideki Matsuyama’s win in the Master’s he said of the 29-year-old, “you’ve got a Japanese boy coming over here and guess what? He won the Masters.”


The one time he has gotten called on it was during the presidential campaign — when they weren’t yet committed to having to support him — when Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) called out Biden’s use of the term while talking about segregationists he used to have lunch with.

“I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland,” Biden said at a Manhattan fundraiser, referring to the white supremacist senator from Mississippi. “He never called me ‘boy,’ he always called me ‘son.’”

“You don’t joke about calling black men ‘boys,’ ” Booker said in a statement, blasting Biden for using the insensitive term.

It isn’t just calling black men “boys.” But it’s all the accompanying comments that paint a whole pattern. It’s comments such as he made about Barack Obama many years ago to the more recent comments about not being black if you didn’t know to vote for him.


That’s just a small sample of the comments over the decades.

Beyond the word in this case, Wes Moore has an interesting background — Rhodes Scholar, Army, CEO of a foundation, and author of several books. There’s a lot there that one could highlight. But Biden spoke about his biceps because that’s what Biden is thinking about him.

Biden seems to have a fascination with biceps, as I’ve reported in the past, when he started making odd comments about the biceps of some random guy at the G-20.

It’s not biceps that make a man, Joe. This is weird, although not as weird as sniffing children and women.



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